The phrase “less is more” is often used in many contexts. In the exhibition stand world, the same phrase can also be applied to the graphic design aspect of your display. Simple exhibition stand ideas and designs can often be just as compelling as the rest of the competition.

Why want less?

A simple approach is often viewed as healthier versus a more complex method. Minimalistic, understated designs can provide stand visitors with a more powerful experience in comparison to a design where graphics and text are highly concentrated.

Exhibition stand design can share similar desired characteristics to a strong headline on the front of a newspaper. You want it to be clear, specific, and able to be read in just a glance. These same principles can be translated into an exhibition hall, where visitors can identify elements of your brand before they have approached your stand.

In some instances, displaying only your logo and a little amount of information on your stand may leave passers intrigued and more likely to approach. Stand designs bursting with text that unfold the ins and outs of the business may be read from afar. This could potentially decrease the chance of an engaging conversation as they might assume they have all the information they require.

Should stand size influence the amount of design?

The short answer is no. It is often thought that the larger the stand space acquired, the larger the surface to fill with graphics. This does not always have to be the case. A big display can still be designed with simplistic ideas; just like a small trade stand.

What features complement a minimalistic design?

What features draw a visitor in if a stand has a minimalistic design? To start, the simplistic approach can allow for a more creative process to the stand features and structuring. It can almost act likewise to a blank canvas, giving the designer more freedom to implement further useful features to attract.

An addition to your simple exhibition stand can be high-level branding, a Quadrant2Design photo-floor, a custom-branded counter and a rotating header. These specific features of a stand design all aid in stretching out the graphics, increasing the surface area of the stand and reducing clutter in the main sections of the panels.

Of course, most features will integrate well with a simple exhibition stand idea, but you must be careful to follow the minimalistic theme of the design to create a seamless blend.

How can a modular stand solution help?

Your simple exhibition stand ideas can go further beyond just the design. The materials, ease of construction and reusability of a stand all contribute to making exhibiting simpler. Exhibition stands designed in modular segments can be easily assembled together to create a variety of structures.

The beauty is once that specific structure no longer needs to be used for a set floor size, it can be broken down, shaped and scaled differently for your next show.


Simple exhibition stand ideas appear as clean, precise and professional in the exhibition hall. It is a great method for many reasons. Whether it runs parallel with your current branding strategy, or you want to provoke and engage more in verbal communications throughout you’re exhibiting timeline. In any case, it is one of many ways to exhibit effectively and efficiently.

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