Should you choose a shell scheme?

When it comes to booking an exhibition space one of the first things to decide is whether to choose a space-only or shell scheme space.

A shell scheme is a great option for businesses with smaller budgets, first-time exhibitors, or smaller events like conferences. It’s not exclusively small companies, however, who opt for Shell Schemes – you’ll often see big companies occupy them too if they are looking for a smaller presence at an event.

With any space it is vital to make your booth stand out, with just 6 seconds to ‘grab’ people’s attention at an Exhibition, you’ve got to make your stand appealing regardless what space you are in. Just because you have booked a shell scheme it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t invest in a proper exhibition stand to go in it.

Luckily we have the solution- beautiful exhibition stands designed to make you stand out, that can be used in shell schemes or space only, all at great prices. Design your own stand now!

The Benefits?

They’re cheaper.
While Space Only plots are often cheaper per meter. Shell Schemes include some onsite services, like electrics and carpet, plus you don’t have to cover all walls with a structure to meet show regulations- the shell scheme does this for you! when you look at the final figures shell scheme actually work out better value for money.

They’re easier.
As we mentioned above, you don’t have to build a structure to cover all joining walls , as the shell scheme does this for you, allowing you to use a simpler solution like a pop up or a banner. having said this we still think your best bet is to go for a flexible, modular solution that can be used in shell scheme and space only, while also offering ease of build.

They’re great for first-time exhibitors.
If you’re new to exhibiting they are a safe bet. put simple more is taken care of for you and there is less to go wrong.

All in one package.
Shell scheme packages vary but will often include a basic set of furniture, as well as electric sockets.

…and the negatives?

Everyone looks the same.
If you don’t invest in an engaging stand in Shell Schemes it’s very hard to ‘distinguish’ yourself because every one looks the same and as a result, ROI might be lower than you’d expected.

Depending how nicely you talk to the organisers you may be able to remove the ceiling grid and fascias to allow a more engaging design, but this isn’t always possible due to the impact on neighbouring stands.

The obvious thing to do with a Shell Scheme is to simply dress the white foamex wall with made-to-measure graphics. This is a great option if you’re on a tight budget, and if done properly these can look quite attractive. But unfortunately, this is what everyone decides to do. So while your graphics might be flashy and bright – so is everyone else’s. Instead of seeing a stand that will grab them, passer’s by will see an army of identical Shell Scheme booths. None of them stand out and really saying ‘hey – come visit me!’

Our solution
It’s time to think outside the box – literally. Most people don’t realise this, but in most cases, you can remove the facias and ceiling grids. This gives you more height to work with and opens your space up, becoming more welcoming to your visitors. Shell Scheme is just 2.5m. With the ceiling grid removed, you can extend this height up to 4m using High-Level Branding. And instantly guaranteeing your stand a more superior look.

Even if you can’t do this our Prestige System is perfect for transforming the look of a Shell Scheme space, with the ability to create a variety of shapes and layouts depending on your needs. even better you can take your prestige stand and put it into a “space only” space in future no need to be tied down!

If you’ve got a Shell Scheme booked for an upcoming show or conference head over to our design tool where you can create your own design in minutes and get an instant price.