Last week the Quadrant2Design team were on the road again for Southern Manufacturing 2024 at the Farnborough International Exhibition Centre.

Southern Manufacturing and Electronics is a fantastic, must-attend event for everyone working in the design, engineering, production or procurement sectors. It is here that exhibitors and visitors can experience all of the latest developments in production hardware, components, consumables and technology.

This year’s event was hugely successful with over 800 exhibitors and 9,000 visitors over three exciting, action-packed days!

Quadrant2Design had several customers exhibiting at Southern Manufacturing 2024, including

Amongst these exhibitors, many had taken advantage of Quadrant2Design’s unique shell scheme stand transformations.

Shell Scheme Exhibition Stands Transformations

Quadrant2Design’s shell scheme stand transformations are a unique opportunity to replace the boring shell scheme walls with a fantastic eye-catching custom-designed exhibition display.

We’ve been transforming standard shell scheme exhibiting booths for over 20 years and we’ve got pretty good at it!

We work with show organisers to remove the restrictive ceiling grid and fascia of shell scheme spaces and, in its place, install a fantastic Prestige Event System modular exhibition display. We even replace the drab exhibition hall carpet with a unique attention-grabbing Quadrant2Design photo-floor.

TFC’s Chris Billinge spoke to us at Southern Manufacturing and compared TFC’s custom-modular exhibition stand to the nearby shell schemes

“The shell schemes, they’re functional but people are in boxes, they’re shut away a little bit, it’s a little harder to see who they are and what they’re about, whereas we just stand out. Plus it’s open, you got the open front, you got the open side, you’re on a corner, so it’s a real benefit there.

So we’ve got people coming from all directions it’s much easier to see us, it’s much easier to engage with us, to come onto our stand and talk to us, it’s friendlier, 100% better than a shell scheme, I would say.”

Chris Billinge, TFC Europe

Southern Springs and Pressings’ Tim Page was also at Southern Manufacturing 2024 and made it clear that he felt the company’s bespoke exhibition stand really stood out from the crowd! He said

“I’ve had a look at a few of our competitors and our stand outshines them no end… ours is obviously bespoke, it’s big, it’s vibrant, it’s colourful.”

Tim Page, Southern Springs and Pressings

Professional Installation and dismantle

One of the key benefits of Quadrant2Design’s offering is our hassle-free service, which includes taking care of the stand installation & dismantling, transportation and storage.

TFC’s Chris told us

“It helps a lot, we’re here all week. However long the exhibition runs for, it’s hard work, it’s tiring, you’re on your feet, you’re talking to people, you’ve got to be energetic.

What you don’t need, at the end of the exhibition, is to have to dismantle it, pack it away and worry about that, so that’s a great benefit to have. And equally, at setting up, what we want to do is come along and look for the key features of our stand and how we’re going to work it for the week, we don’t want to be worrying about the functional construction of it, somebody else can do that.

That’s great, then we come along, check it’s doing what we want it to do and away we go!”

Chris Billinge, TFC Europe

Because the Prestige Events System is modular and easy to build for our expert installers, it means that we are able to build our stands on the final build days, when sites are clear from large vehicles and machinery.

The build process is entirely clean and requires no power tools or messy materials. This is how we are also able to offer exhibition stands for purchase, for our customers who want to self-build their stand. All self-build customers receive free installation training and as well as ongoing access to our free training animations.

Self-Build clients Strolll take part in their free build training

Exhibition stand adaptability

A reoccurring comment from our exhibitors at Southern Manufacturing was the benefits of our exhibition stands’ adaptability and reconfigurability. Chris told us

“It’s important that we can change as we go along. I think every show we find something else that we want to do a little bit differently so whether it’s a brand or a logo that needs to be a bit more prominent next time, you only really realize that when you’re standing here in front of it.

So having that adaptability is really important and we have changed this one from the last version that we had. Slightly different shape, but also pictures are in a different place, messages are in a different place, we’re learning as we go – what are people seeing? What’s attracting people’s attention? And if we can then evolve and adapt it every time that’s obviously an advantage.”

Chris Billinge, TFC Europe

Tim echoed this sentiment, also pointing out the cost-efficiency that comes with this strategy. He said

“It’s the flexibility to be able to alter the stand very easily… we haven’t got to have a brand new stand from start to finish, so from a cost point of view it’s good for us to be able to change some of these panels to refresh it, normally in line with our website as well, so that everything links in.”

Tim Page, Southern Springs and Pressings

How to re-configure your exhibition stand for multiple shows

Throughout the event it was clear that Southern Manufacturing 2024 had been a roaring success, with many exhibitors talking about beginning their planning for Southern Manufacturing and Electronics 2025.

It’s never too early to start planning an event, so if you’re considering getting involved in next year’s Southern Manufacturing, or if you have upcoming events elsewhere, get in contact with Quadrant2Design today on 01202 723 500 or email our design team at