The organisers of Seawork 2025 have announced an exceptional rebooking rate, with over 30% of spaces already booked after the success of the 25th edition! 

Seawork is Europe’s largest on-water commercial marine and workboat exhibition. This year’s event was held from June 11th to 13th, 2024, at Mayflower Park. The 2025 edition will take place at Mayflower Park from June 10th to 12th. Quadrant2Design attended alongside our clients, all of which felt the event was a great success. 

The event attracted 7584 visitors from 45 countries, with 82% of them being involved in specifying and decision-making in their businesses. Among these, 72% held senior job titles. Our clients found that the event effectively connected them with the right individuals, helping in lead generation and business opportunities. If you want to catch a recap of the show and our client’s experiences, you can view our show video below…

Exhibiting at Seawork 2025 with a Quadrant2Design Stand

This year Quadrant2Design had four clients at Seawork. Among those clients were ASAP Supplies, WaterMota and Bollfilter. Quadrant2Design has installed at this show since 2012, and we know how to craft impactful exhibition stands!

Since we are based nearby to Southampton, with our Free-Hire Plan, install costs are low! Additionally Quadrant2Design will never take risks with your stand. All of our services are conducted in-house, meaning we have full control over the quality of of the stand, from initial design, to installation. Quadrant2Design stands feature large format graphics that effectively convey marketing messages, branding and logos. A wealth of customisable features also make stands eye-catching and memorable. Additional features like high-level branding and backlit rotating headers ensure visibility across the exhibition hall!

Not to mention, Quadrant2Design exhibition stands are modular, reconfigurable, and reusable. The finished exhibition stand is made out of many separate components that slot together. Because of its flexible design, you can reconfigure the stand for various stand sizes, types, and layouts. This means that exhibition stands can look and feel new while using the same set of graphic panels!

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Client Testimonials

We have been really pleased with our exhibition stands at Seawork, and our clients have been too! Read on for some of our client testimonials from Seawork 2024.

ASAP Supplies Gary Aldred:

The stand design has been brilliant, you guys are always helpful and on hand if we need anything! […] The build and the break down are so easy. It’s good that we can reuse a lot of the stand, the backboards and everything, and we can tweak it if need be. It’s just so easy!” 

ASAP Supplies Exhibition Stand at Seawork by Quadrant2Design

WaterMota’s James Wyatt:

“The fact that we can modify the stand and make little changes whether it be to the artwork that we’ve got or whether it’s the actual design. We can do that quite ad hoc and change brands or add different brands in, it really gives us the ability to keep the same layout but change aspects year by year to keep it fresh!” 

WaterMota Exhibition Stand at Seawork by Quadrant2Design

Bollfilter’s Paul Horton:

The stand looks really impressive, really good! It just takes all the hassle out if it […] It’s literally ready to go other than a few giveaways. That’s it, easy.” 

“The fact that it’s modular, we can add and take bits away is brilliant. I think the last show, the stand was maybe twice as big or maybe even three times bigger. So yeah, the flexibility, is great; perfect. In fact, we’ve already had people coming around and asking us who’s done our stand for us, so there you go!”

Bollfilter Exhibition Stand at Seawork by Quadrant2Design


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