If you’re making a choice between different exhibition stand contractors, you want to investigate some important due-diligence issues.

One of your main concerns will be “what do their existing customers say?”

We ask for feedback, after every exhibition stand we complete for a client, and then publish the reviews on this page.

We publish these ‘verbatim’ with nothing added or taken away (hence the odd mistake!).

So far, we have over 900-plus of these exhibition stand reviews, allowing you a unique insight into the service that clients experience, when working with Quadrant2Design.

  • Gaia Fertility Limited at The Fertility Show London 2022

    Gaia Fertility Limited

    Hi Tracey

    A note of thanks for what was “the nicest stand” at the show apparently !

    Hope you and team can have a well deserved rest today!

    Thanks again

  • Nadezhda Women’s Health Hospital at The Fertility Show London 2022

    Nadezhda Women's Health Hospital

    Hi Wiebke,

    The show was a blast and we rocked it thanks to you and your whole team too, especially Lily and Louis who were just amazing, but also everyone else involved whose names I don’t know.

    Once again, a million thanks for you and your team, it was the best ever experience, especially with the tight deadlines.

  • Orovia Group at Schools & Academies Show London 2022

    Orovia Group

    Hi Wiebke,

    I am well thanks, hope you’re too!

    Yes, it went really well thanks. A very busy day! The day seemed a success.

    Claire has been great and very attentive too.

    Many thanks.


  • Semix Pluso at Food & Drink Expo 2022

    Semix Pluso

    Good morning Wiebke,

    I spoke with my colleagues today and they were very happy with the stand and your services! They told me they would give you 100 points (from the maximum of 100 :D)

    I was very happy with our project manager. Claire always answered all my questions and e-mails and called me when there was something we needed to do promptly.

    We would like to use the stand again at Plant Based World in London 30th November – 1st December 2022. What would be the procedure when re-using the stand? How long in advance should I contact you?

    Many thanks

  • Netcall Technology at TIN Digital Claims

    Netcall technology

    Hi Tracey,

    I’ve very good thanks, hope you had a lovely bank holiday. Thanks so much for all your hard work with the stand, the team were really pleased and had a great event.

    Many thanks,

  • Retail Manager Solutions at Retail Technology Show 2022

    Retail Manager Solutions Ltd

    Hi Wiebke – I definitely need the long weekend to rest my feet and recover!

    All went well at the show – we were later finishing setup than expected as there’s very limited parking at the venue at the moment and the guys had to park about 2 miles away and walk back so they were behind when we got there! Nevertheless, we were out by around 8pm and it was good to see the stand go up – we set the screens up ourselves so your team could get on/away.

    Lily as PM was fine – no problems there. Paul was highly spoken of by David with the help he gave on the graphics.

    Weirdly, the carpet fitters at the venue didn’t realise they should have put their carpet over the edge on the photo floor so we had this weird outline surrounding our stand. I’ve fed this back to the organisers as they put the carpet down after we had left…still, the stand looked good and we had many compliments on the colours and design. Well done to all the team!

  • SOP International Ltd at National Convenience Show 2022

    SOP International

    Hi Wiebke

    Thank you so much to you and your team. Our stand looked amazing, so much so that we’ve booked a bigger stand space for next year.

    Paul was on site, on time and finished setting up our stand in record time, well ahead of schedule which allowed us to get started sooner than expected.

    It would be great if he is available again for next years’ expo.

    Thank you to you also for assisting in getting everything ready for this past show.

  • Carleton Optical Equipment Ltd at 100% Optical 2022

    Carleton Optical Equipment Ltd

    Hi Weibke,

    Thank you for your email.

    I am happy to say the meeting went well and as usual your team that did the installation were really excellent and accommodating. They were extremely patient as the team of electricians from the Excel weren’t exactly on the ball some of the times…

    We now move onto Glasgow in May!

    Kind regards

  • Roxtec at DCW 2022


    Hi Wiebke,

    The exhibition went very well for us.

    We were very happy with the stand – it looked very professional and eye-catching. The stand was all set up when I arrived and we had no problems.

    We’re very happy we chose Quadrant2Design as our stand builder. You are very helpful with all my queries and requests – your expertise is very helpful 😊

    Many thanks,