If you’re making a choice between different exhibition stand contractors, you want to investigate some important due-diligence issues.

One of your main concerns will be “what do their existing customers say?”

We ask for feedback, after every exhibition stand we complete for a client, and then publish the reviews on this page.

We publish these ‘verbatim’ with nothing added or taken away (hence the odd mistake!).

So far, we have over 900-plus of these exhibition stand reviews, allowing you a unique insight into the service that clients experience, when working with Quadrant2Design.

  • Purchase & Self-Build, AeroGlow


    Hi Wiebke, It was nice to meet you too. We are delighted with the quality of our stand which I just managed to squeeze into my car. Attached is a scan of the completed questionnaire. Kind regards, Keith

    Testimonial: AeroGlow investigated stand options in some detail. Quadrant2Design was the most impressive and flexible designs. We are delighted with the final product and believe that it will enhance our show experience. I strongly recommend Quadrant2Design to anyone who wants a professional stand design service. The staff are very helpful and are always willing to go the extra mile to deliver your needs.

  • Purchase & Self-Build, Cognia


    Hi Paul. Just wanted to extend my gratitude for the awesome work you have done (yet again!) on the stand and getting it delivered on time. Thank you, Adam.

  • Purchase & Self-Build, CASDON TOYS


    We felt the New York show in 2014 was one our best show and the prestige stand really stood out in our hall. We had many retailers comment on how great the stand looked and had to stop by and check out our product range.

  • Down's Heart Group Charity Banner

    Down’s Heart Group Charity Banner

    Down's Heart Group

    Thanks Hannah, they arrived this morning so I put them up in the kitchen! Looking forward to unveiling them at our AGM on Saturday. Please say thank you to all involved in providing them for us, it’s really nice to be supported like this. All-in-allfantastic service, responsive to emails and design change requests then very prompt delivery when design finally agreed.

    Penny Green.