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It’s important that you ask any potential exhibition partners some searching due-diligence questions. And you also need to see genuine customer reviews. We survey all customers for feedback and publish these reviews verbatum, in the persons exact words. See below over 1000 of these reviews.

Quadrant2Design Trustpilot Reviews

In addition to our website reviews, we also work with Trustpilot. Please see: Quadrant2Design Trustpilot reviews 

  • Marketing Week Live 2014, VL Digital (Red Rocket Media)

    Red Rocket Media

    Hi Agata. The stand was great thanks & we are very happy with the service 🙂 The show itself we felt was a bit quiet & not sure if we’ll do it again. How did you guys find it? Michelle.

  • Professional Beauty 2015, Medico Beauty

    Medico Beauty

    Hi C.. Could you please extend my appreciation to everyone in the team that helped with the stand at PB. We enjoyed taking part in the expo and the stand made a big impact. The design and storage are ace!

  • Purchase & Self-Build (New Graphics), Maxtime


    Morning Wiebke. That’s great. Thank you so much for your help throughout the entire process, you and your team have truly been fantastic. Hoping you enjoy the sunshine today too. Kindest regards.

  • The Pub Show 2015, D- Media Communications

    D- Media Communications

    Hi W. In addition to my earlier comments, I would like to score Quadrant 2 Design as a ‘1’ on all questions asked on the PDF you sent on Friday. I have attached a photo of the stand with the screens on. Many thanks for your everything you and your team did for us, I look forward to working with you and your team again.

  • Purchase & Self-Build, Simoco


    Hi Chloe. I just wanted to feedback to you after CCW 2014 on the stand. The headers looked great and the extra structural support given by the feet was great. I would like to say thank you again for all your help, especially helping with some of the last minutes issues identified. In the end it all went very well. Please see attached a photo of the stand. Wiebke, thank you for coordinating our order. A great service as always.

  • The Pub Show 2015, D- Media Communications

    D- Media Communications

    We were absolutely delighted with the stand you and your team created for us and the feedback across the two days was fantastic. The stand looks sophisticated, very smart and showcased our screens superbly. It has been a pleasure working with you and your colleagues and I have been impressed with how quickly and patiently you and your team have responded to my queries and offered a great sounding board for advice. Please also pass on my thanks to A. and S. (and another of their colleagues whose name unfortunately escapes me). They were all very helpful when dealing with our questions regarding the stand pack-down. D. and J. also spoke very highly of you and your team during their training and were made to feel very welcome.

  • Charity Banners for Julia’s House

    Julia's House

    Once again thank you so much for the banner Quadrant2Design donated, they look great and are so helpful for fundraising. We have been able to have some specific ones for Corporate, Challenge etc we have never been able to afford.

  • 100% Optical 2015, Cazal Eyewear

    Cazal Eyewear

    The show was very good for us and the stand was well done, it was well received by our customers.

  • Sales Innovation Expo 2014, Krooter


    Just wanted to say thank you to you and your team. Another fabulous stand which not only shone out from the crowd but attracted much praise for one of the best in show. On to the next. Ben. Very happy with the expo & really impressed with the feedback we got on the stand! We are so impressed with the service provided by Quadrant2Design. Absolutely love being told by visitors that we have a fab stand!