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It’s important that you ask any potential exhibition partners some searching due-diligence questions. And you also need to see genuine customer reviews. We survey all customers for feedback and publish these reviews verbatum, in the persons exact words. See below over 1000 of these reviews.

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  • Macmillan Caring Locally

    Macmillan Caring Locally

    Hi Hannah. I’ve unpacked the panels since, and they are fantastic!! I can’t wait to see how they look on the counter. If the weather is fine this Sunday they will get their first outing. Thank you to all the team at Quadrant, and to Mr Alan who gave the initial go ahead on the project. I also have to say, I was in the export business since 1979 shipping goods from UK, but in recent decades from China, re-packing in Dubai for re-export. In all my days I have never seen such excellent and quality packing as afforded by your warehouse protecting these panels.

  • BVE 2013, Digital Garage


    Hi Amy. Stand looked great – many many thanks. I think it was the best we have looked at a show for some considerable time. The show itself: mixed feelings as it was quite quiet at times as we were so far back, but, hopefully we will get some good sales opportunities from it, time will tell. I think IF we attend next year we would make some small changes to the stand, but on the whole, I thought we looked great! Thanks again for all the help, hope your guys were not too late back. Cheers, Mike Whelan.

  • Square Meal Venues & Events Live 2014, GLH Hotels

    GLH Hotels

    Hi Wiebke. Please see attached. Thanks very much for all of your help with this & very much appreciated! Kind regards, Tara. The team at Quadrant2Design, especially Wiebke and the installation team are a pleasure to deal with. Wiebke was always on hand to answer questions and made the process very easy.

  • The Dentistry Show 2013, Nucleoss


    Hi Liana. I wish to thank you and all the team for your efforts , the stand looks very nice am happy with it. Thanks a lot. My best regards to all, Yasemin Usaloglu.

  • Professional Beauty 2012, Yon-Ka UK Ltd

    Yon-Ka UK Ltd

    Just to let you know that everything went well for us at the exhibition. We are really pleased with the stand, I’m sure your guys told you how good it looked. Thanks to all of you. You’re guys who setup the stand have been very nice and helpful. Best regards, Alexis Wolkowinski.

  • The Water Event 2014, Aqualogy Environment Ltd

    Aqualogy Environment Ltd

    Hi Daniela. Thanks for all of your help with this event. The whole process was smooth and easy and so thank you to you and the team for organising this. I am happy for you to use any of this as a testimonial also. Many Thanks, Katherine.

  • UK AD & Biogas 2014 & RWM 2014, Tamar Energy

    Tamar Energy

    HI Chloe. I was delighted with the stand and we had lots of positive feedback too, thank you. It was great to arrive and see it all installed and ready to go & please thank Arthur for us too.

  • InnoTrans 2012, BTMU


    It all worked really well and just as I would hope. The design and quality of the system you use is excellent – those magnetic panels are just incredible and the photos of the trains really came out well. There were so many train spotters at the show and they were all taking photos of our photos! Thank you for following up. Frances.

  • Autumn Fair 2014, Electrobox/BassBuds


    Hi Emma, I hope your well? Shows going really well! Thankyou very much! We love the stand and so far have had some really good feedback.

    Hi Hannah, I hope your well? We had a really good show and where really pleased with how the stand turned out. I would like to thank you for your help and support during the ordering and build up. Kind Regards.