If you’re making a choice between different exhibition stand contractors, you want to investigate some important due-diligence issues.

One of your main concerns will be “what do their existing customers say?”

We ask for feedback, after every exhibition stand we complete for a client, and then publish the reviews on this page.

We publish these ‘verbatim’ with nothing added or taken away (hence the odd mistake!).

So far, we have over 900-plus of these exhibition stand reviews, allowing you a unique insight into the service that clients experience, when working with Quadrant2Design.

  • Watermota at Seawork International 2022


    Good Morning Wiebke,

    Seawork show went very well for us thank you and we were very pleased with the exhibition stand which got a lot of positive comments from our customers and other exhibitors.

    Your whole team made planning the event very easy, Claire was always at hand to answer questions during the planning and run up to the show and your build team had the stand erected and looking great in good time for our staff to do the final dressing.

    We have already pre-booked the same space and the show for next year 13th – 15th June 2023 and will be using the same stand although a few of the printed panels me need updating with new logos by then.

    Best regards

  • Strategic Marine at Seawork International 2022

    Strategic Marine

    Thanks Wiebke,

    We were very happy with the stand and all set up etc.

    Have booked bigger stand for next year, so will be back in touch again closer to that time.

    Many thanks for all your help.

    Have a nice weekend.


  • Funding Circle at NACFB 2022

    Funding Circle

    Hi Wiebke,

    I hope you are well!

    Thank you for reaching out regarding the NACFB expo and apologies for my delayed response

    We were really happy with the stand – it was fully set up and ready for handover as soon as we arrived,
    which was earlier than anticipated and it was left in a good position overnight. We received lots of great
    feedback internally and externally, so we were very pleased!

    The project management was great all along, from Lily as well as Kathryn who was really helpful in
    supporting our graphic designer with the artwork.

    Kind regards

  • Holchem Laboratories Ltd at Bevexpo 2022

    Holchem Laboratories Ltd


    The show went well despite rather poor attendance.

    The stand looked good and the stand erectors were helpful.

  • Roma Finance at NACFB 2022

    Roma Finance

    Hi Wiebke

    Thanks for your email, I hope you are well.

    Yes the stand was great thank you. We had some issues on the morning with the electrics but they were fixed. I think we will reconfigure a bit for the next show as it did end up being used as a walk way for some people.

    Lesson learned!

    Tracey and team were great.


  • KSEYE at NACFB 2022


    Hi Wiebke,

    Hope you are doing well.

    Apologies for the delayed response.

    The directors and I love the stands! We receive great feedback from delegates, exhibitors, and colleagues. You may have seen it on LinkedIn as well! 😊

    We are looking to exhibit at 2 more events in autumn.

    If you could help me with this, that would be great!

    Kind regards

  • Nucleus Commercial Finance at NACFB 2022

    Nucleus Commercial Finance

    Sure – the event went really great.

    My experience with your team was absolutely brilliant.

    Tracey was amazing – she was always there to answer any queries on the phone (trust me, there were many!) and I honestly couldn’t have done it without her. She was a complete life saver! I’ve cc’d here into this because I want her to know I really appreciate all the help she provided – she’s awesome.

    Also, Alex our stand builder was great too. He was super helpful and he really made the day run a lot smoother! Lovely chap!

    Really happy with our experience and hopefully I’ll have the same project manager next year! 😊


  • West One at NACFB 2022

    West One

    -Hi Wiebke

    Thank you for your email. I can confirm our overall experience has been a good one. The build was great, high quality and looked good.

  • National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers at NACFB 2022

    National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers

    Hi Wiebke,

    Lovely to speak with you earlier.

    I wanted to reiterate in writing what a pleasure it was working with you all.
    Thank you for your support and assistance. We were delighted with the result and our stand looked great.

    Also, the guys onsite were really helpful and wanted to give them a mention.

    I certainly look forward to working with you for future events.

    Kind regards