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  • A great review from TES Global for their stand designed by Quadrant2Design for the Schools & Academies Show 2024.

    TES Global Ltd at Schools & Academies Show 2024

    TES Global Ltd

    Hello Wiebke,

    Thank you for reaching out, I’m doing well thank you hope your doing well. I’m good thank you, everything went well with the show.

    I sent an email yesterday to Lily introducing her to the team who will be managing this going forwards to handover and start the planning process for Birmingham.

    My email has probably been caught up in all the communications from the show. However it probably would be a good idea to start the initial conversations with them.

    Kind regards

  • A great review from Dalton safety for their stand designed by Quadrant2Design at The Health and Safety Event 2024.

    Dalton Safety Ltd at The Health and Safety Event 2024

    Dalton Safety Ltd

    Hi Wiebke

    Sorry for the delay.

    From my perspective everything went as well as could be expected for the show. The stand was built fully when I met your guy for the handover so all good.

    We have booked a bigger stand for next year and I would like to start talking to someone about the design for next year as we need to take a slightly different approach than previously. So if someone can contact me to discuss some ideas that would be great.


  • A lovely review from Lupin Healthcare (UK) Ltd for their stand built by Quadrant2Design at ARNS Annual Conference 2024.

    Lupin Healthcare (UK) Ltd at ARNS Annual Conference 2024

    Lupin Healthcare (UK) Ltd

    Hi Wiebke

    I`m good thank you, I hope all is well with you?

    Yes, thank you it was a very good conference and the stand looked excellent. I had most contact with Katalin who was excellent and very helpful.

    Many thanks

  • A bright and brilliant stand review from Firechief Global designed and built by Quadrant2Design for the The Fire Safety Event 2024.

    Firechief Global at The Fire Safety Event 2024

    Firechief Global

    Hi Wiebke

    Thanks for your email.  I am well thanks and hope you are too.

    Apologies for the delay in replying, I was away on holiday the week immediately after the show so only just catching up now!

    Everything went extremely well with our stand I’m pleased to say and everyone we worked with from Tracey at the outset, our project manager Shivam, Gerry and the team on site and also Maggie and Katie making the videos, were really helpful and great to work with.

    My visit to your premises for the pre-build was most beneficial as it meant there were no unexpected surprises on site and I could concentrate on organising the product displays.

    I hope this feedback is helpful and look forward to working with everyone on our next show in December.

    Kind regards

  • A lovely review from Haier Biomedical UK Ltd at Clinical Pharmacy Congress 2024 designed by Quadrant2Design.

    Haier Biomedical UK Limited at Clinical Pharmacy Congress 2024

    Haier Biomedical UK Limited

    Hi Wiebke,

    We had a really good show, and your team did a great job, as always.

    Your crew on set-up were not just helpful, but they also went above and beyond to assist us in getting the stand ready.

    Katalin has been on the case and has ensured we were on track at all project stages.

    All in all a very good experience as always!

    We’ve booked again for next year.


  • A great review from Nimbus Digital Solutions at The Fire Safety Event 2024, designed and built by Quadrant2Design.

    Nimbus Digital Solutions Ltd at The Fire Safety Event 2024

    Nimbus Digital Solutions Ltd

    Hi Wiebke,

    The show went great, and all in all its just a massive thank you from myself and the team. We were spinning in circles wondering what to do and the team at Quadrant were simply superb in looking after us and our requirements.

    Start to finish your customer service is on point and I’ve learnt a thing or two that we’ll be looking to bring into our company on the back of our experience with you.

    Great work!

  • Durable Ltd at The Health and Safety Event 2024

    Durable Ltd

    Hi Wiebke,

    I hope you are well, apologies for the late reply. I have been in our headquarters in Germany over the past week. I hope you are having a lovely week!

    We were overall very happy with the stand.  The team have been great problem solvers and it’s been great to collaborate with them throughout the whole process.

    Please thank everyone who was involved, including the set up team 🙂

  • Amazing review from SOP International about their Quadrant2Design stand and build for the National Convivence Show 2024.

    SOP International Ltd at National Convenience Show 2024

    SOP International

    Hi Wiebke

    Thank you so much to you and your team for another successful show and for the photos. Laura is a brilliant project manager and was extremely helpful in the build up to the show. The onsite installation team were super efficient and had our stand ready ahead of time.

    Our stand got so many compliments and the overall layout worked brilliantly for our products.

    I look forward to your quote for next year’s event.

    Thank you

  • A great review from TEFEN Flow and Dosing Technologies about their wonderful Quadrant2Design stand at MACH 2024.

    TEFEN Flow and Dosing Technologies Ltd at MACH 2024

    TEFEN Flow and Dosing Technologies Ltd

    Good morning, Wiebke,

    I’m doing fine, thank you for asking. How are you?

    Overall, the show went well, and we were satisfied with the stand….. I must commend our Project Manager, Shivam for his excellent support throughout the process. He was attentive to our needs and requirements and responded promptly to any concerns. Additionally, the designer did an excellent job overall.

    Thank you 🙂