We make reusable exhibition stands that save you money while enhancing your environmental reputation.

Surely it makes sense to look for an exhibition stand solution that’s reusable?

Not only does this save money, but it also avoids the shocking waste of resources involved in trashing an exhibition stand after one use.

And if you’re concerned about sustainability, then a reusable exhibition stand solution must be a priority.

Prestige stands are reusable because they are modular, scalable and easy to build.

These factors mean your initial Prestige stand design will easily reconfigure to fit an entirely different stand space at various shows and events.

Our stands are available on a rental or self-setup basis.

Quadrant2Design hates Exhibiting waste!

When you visit the build-up of any tradeshow, you can’t help but be appalled at the waste.

Aisles are full of debris and spent packaging, and your ankle-deep in sawdust!

Most of this disgusting waste and pollution, comes from the use of old-fashioned ‘traditional stands’ built from timber panels and acrylics.

Quadrant2Design designs and builds stands using modern technology and clean processes, making our builds sustainable and responsible.

Custom-designed, yet reusable

With us, your exhibition stand will be custom designed – but also – renewable over many different events.

This means that your exhibit is unique, with your branding graphics, colours and themes, but remains a modular stand, that can be reconfigured to fit different stand space, at your future shows.

So, you’re getting the best of both worlds, beautifully designed exhibits, built within a flexible, modular and renewable package.

This combination of custom design and reusability is at the heart of Quadrant2Design’s business philosophy, and one of the key reasons why our exhibition stands are so popular.

Benefits of Renewable Stands

There are many benefits to investing in renewable exhibition stands.

You are essentially recycling your display materials, in a way that’s cost-effective and sustainable.

This saves you money while enhancing your environmental credentials (who doesn’t want to be eco-friendly).

And as an added bonus, you’re conveying a consistent brand identity, and marketing message, overall your events.

Chloe: "why modular makes reusable possible"

At Quadrant2Design, we have hundreds of customers, who return, again and again, for their exhibiting needs.


Because we have designed our business model around, making it super-easy for exhibitors, to reuse their exhibition stands

Saving money. Saving time. Saving the environment.