Reusable Exhibition Stands

Modular exhibition stands that can be reconfigured and reused in different stand space at different events

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Reusable exhibition stands that save you money and enhance your environmental reputation

Surely it makes sense to look for an exhibition stand solution that’s reusable? This not only saves money, but also avoids the shocking waste of materials and resources involved in trashing an exhibition stand after just one use.

And if you’re concerned about sustainability, then a reusable and sustainable exhibiting solution must be on your list of ‘must-haves’.

Prestige stands are reusable because they are modular, scalable and easy to build.

This means your initial Prestige stand design can be easily reconfigured to fit an entirely different stand space at different shows and events.

What are the benefits of a modular and reusable exhibiting solution?

The modular nature of Prestige exhibition stands allows you enormous flexibility to reuse your stand and graphics over your entire exhibiting calendar.

So for example, one week you can exhibit within a 6mx4m space, the next month in a 3mx4m space, and maybe a 6mx7m space a year later?

And (usually) all from one initial investment in an exhibition stand created in our Prestige Events System (larger stands may require additional purchase of kit and graphics)

Apart from the cost savings, you benefit from putting forward consistent branding and ‘look’ over all your events.

As well as saving your company money – reusing your exhibition stand fits in with your environmental concerns, avoiding the wastefulness involved in using old-fashioned ‘build ‘n’ burn’ exhibition stands.

Helping to get reusability and modularity into your exhibiting?

Although we’re happy to supply a ‘one-off’ exhibition stand, Quadrant2Design really exists to partner with you over a series of events, or on a permanent basis.

Our CAD and graphic designers spend a lot of their time reconfiguring our clients stands, to fit different stand layouts at different events and shows.

In this way, we can use our design capability, coupled with our reusable exhibiting system, to take your existing exhibition stand and adapt it to be reused in different space at different exhibitions.

We provide this design service through our Lifetime Free Design

And our unique Freedom2Exhibit pricing plan allows us to structure a proposal that gives you the best deal, wherever you’re exhibiting or whatever the circumstances.

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