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You can achieve maximum value, flexibility and return-on-investment by renting your exhibition stand and self-building. We support you with free training, online animated tutorials and unlimited telephone support.

Free Visuals & Quotation

Stand with Photo-Floor with Hannah
large golden modular stand with integrated shelving
Custom built exhibition stand for Armaf
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Three Rental or Purchase Options

Call 01202 723 500 to speak to one of our friendly experts who will guide you through the different options. Or use our Contact Form for free design visuals and a detailed quotation.



Ownership | Self-Build | Training & Support


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Management | Expert Install | Free Hire


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Hire | Self-Build | Training & Support


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Rental Exhibition Stands

Around 80% of our exhibitors choose one of our rental plans; Free2hire or Hire2self-build.

For many exhibitors, rental makes perfect sense, and for these sound reasons:

  • Rental exhibition stands generally cost less, and therefore deliver a greater return on investment
  • You don’t have money tied up in exhibition stand hardware, that you may only use once or twice a year
  • You never have any storage costs, nor do you have to find storage space in your office or warehouse
  • Since you have not committed to a purchase, you retain the flexibility to use different exhibiting solutions in the future
  • Renting an exhibition booth can be considered more environmentally responsible than making ‘one-off- purchases of exhibition stands


  • Graphic & 3D Design (with free visuals provided)
  • Lifetime complimentary re-designs for different stand space
  • Construction and stand manufacture
  • Hire of exhibition stand hardware
  • Exhibition graphics production and finishing
  • Full quality-check pre-build and client inspection
  • Training and support for self-building exhibitors

How does Hire2self-build™ work?

The plan is for exhibitors who wish to rent, but also self manage and self build their exhibition display.

Here is how we do it:

  • You receive a free design proposal and quotation, and we develop the design until we have exactly what you want
  • Once we get the ‘go-ahead’ we start manufacturing your stand and graphics
  • Once finished, we completely pre-build your exhibition stand in our premises, at Poole, Dorset
  • We invite you to the pre-build and give you free ‘hands-on’ training in the assembly and dismantle of your stand
  • We provide on-going support by telephone and email, and through animated online tutorials and videos
  • Depending on the circumstances, you take the stand with you, or we arrange delivery to your offices or the show venue
  • You self-build your exhibition stand at your show, and we jointly make arrangements for the return of your stand to our premises


  • Lower costs than purchasing
  • Reduce costs still further by self-building
  • No storage costs and we store your graphics free of charge until their next use



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Free Design Visuals + FREE Photo-Floor™

Fresh, new, alternative design ideas for your next exhibition stand hire, with your branding, images and colours. Free of charge and without obligation


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Must-Visit Pages 

At Quadrant2Design, we use our exclusive stand building system, called the Prestige Events System. Our stands are custom-designed but are also modular and reusable. Have a look at the three related pages below to understand more.

Modular Stands

All of our rental exhibition display stands are modular and can be reconfigured for your future space.

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Exhibition Stands

Our exhibition stands have numerous functionality characteristics that make life comfortable for modern exhibitors.

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Self Setup Displays

There are numbers of exhibitors who value the enormous freedom that self-managing their exhibition stand allows.

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