Quadrant2Design’s modular exhibition stands are reusable, adaptable and highly reconfigurable – but what exactly does reconfigurable actually mean?

Our exhibition stands are created using a modular framework. “Modular” means made up of multiple smaller independent elements that are fixed together to create the final stand. Being made up of multiple components means that these components can be rearranged in various combinations to create what is essentially a new stand.

Stand sizes and shapes can be changed, graphic panels switched to showcase new marketing messages and bespoke features can be added or removed to meet the changing needs of each show.


At this year’s Data Centre World, the adaptability of our modular exhibition stands spoke for itself, as multiple Quadrant2Design customers adapted and reconfigured their displays.

Between their 2023 and 2024 Data Centre World events, the Kao Data exhibition stand grew from 6x4m to 9x4m.

The stand layout remained a similar open-3-sides peninsula stand, with a 3m wall added to extend the length of the display.

The graphics panels were altered to provide more information about the company’s offering, while increased floor space was utilised to add multiple seating areas. The two counters were also replaced by a single counter to create more open stand space.

The EkkoSense stand changed from 6x5m to 7x6m but by far the biggest change was its transformation from a corner configuration to an island stand.

As an island stand all sides are visible to show visitors, which provided increased opportunity to reach visitors with their marketing messages. Panels were added so that each side of the stand effectively projected the EkkoSense brand offering.

White panels were replaced with multi-coloured designs while high-level branding and branded fascias were once again used to make the stand as attention-grabbing as possible. The Quadrant2Design Photo-Floor was updated to promote the AI-powered EkkoSoft Critical data centre optimisation tool.

The stand once again featured colourful LED video wall posters, with crawling multi-coloured geckos drawing attention and visitors to the stand.

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Also at the event were JCA Engineering and HiRef S.p.A, both of whom also reconfigured their modular exhibition stands.

See the photos from the event here…

Modular Exhibition Stands at Data Centre World

HiRef blue and white professional exhibition stand at Data Centre World 2024, created by Quadrant2Design

The HiRef S.p.A stand shrank down from a 5x8m stand space to 5x5m. The overhead fascia was replaced with a solid stand wall, which transformed the peninsula layout into an open-2-sides corner configuration. The tower was also removed and the majority of the graphics panels were replaced to accommodate new marketing messages.

JCA Engineering exhibition stand at Data Centre World 2024 designed and create by Quadrant2Design Quadrant2Design

JCA Engineering’s stand was largely unchanged, remaining an open-3-sides peninsula stand with high-level branding, branded counter, custom plinth top and integrated storage.

Once again fret-cut backlit features, integrated TV screens, edge-lit acrylic and unique product showcases created an attention-grabbing display, while JCA’s main graphics panels were reused for the fourth year in a row, highlighting the longevity of the materials!

With so many Quadrant2Design customers reconfiguring their stands for Data Centre World 2024, it perfectly highlights the adaptability of the modular exhibition stand system.

Not only is it adaptable and reconfigurable, but the system’s unique reusability also makes it extremely sustainable and cost-effective, with customers saving up to 70% on repeat-exhibiting.

Plus, with our Lifetime Free Design service, Quadrant2Design will redesign and reconfigure your stand to fit your changing exhibiting needs, completely free of charge! Find out more below.

Quadrant2Design Lifetime Free Design

If you’re looking for a cost-effective and hassle-free exhibiting solution that can be adapted, reconfigured and reused across your entire exhibition calendar, contact the Quadrant2Design team today on 01202 723 500 or email design@quadrant2design.com for your free, no-obligation design proposal.