Custom-designed, modular exhibition stands that are scalable and reusable 

We’re Quadrant2Design, we design and build modular exhibition stands and we’re based on the South Coast of the United Kingdom.

We specialise in modular exhibition stands, built in a premier-quality  solution called the Prestige Events System – shortened to ‘Prestige’.

Prestige is an amazing solution – allowing us to offer our clients a ‘custom-built’ look and feel, but with all the advantages of modular construction.

Prestige modular displays have huge visual appeal, in that they are essentially a 100% graphic display – with integrated product showcases and digital screens.

Whats does this mean for you?

The benefit to you of modular stand construction, is in the re-usability it allows and the cost-savings that follow.

So instead of exhibiting with wasteful ‘one-off’ displays, you can reconfigure and re-use your Prestige stand again and again.

This saves you money. And this saves you time. You also boost your company’s environmental credentials because Prestige modular exhibition stands are a sustainable exhibition solution.

Continue reading to learn more about our modular displays. But if you’re short of time and would like to see some free design visuals, please click on the link below.

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Benefits of our modular exhibition stands

We only work with one modular solution – the Prestige Events System. We don’t bother with other types of stands, because Prestige is without doubt, the premier stand building solution of its type.

The movies on this page (see bottom of page) explain exactly how we achieve modularity… and hence re-usability, for our client’s Prestige exhibition stands.

  • Prestige modular displays are extremely quick and easy to build
  • This ‘quickness of build’ allows us to pre-build every exhibition stand in our premises, for quality-control reasons
  • Because Prestige is built without tools, health and safety risk is extremely low, especially important with the new CDM regulations now in force
  • Your Prestige stand can be easily reconfigured and re-used in different stand space, at different shows, at different venues
  • Because your Prestige modular stand is so re-usable, you save lots of money, especially when compared to wasteful ‘one-off’ stands
  • Our business model at Quadrant2Design is built around enabling you to take maximum advantage of your exhibition stands modular nature

How to invest in a modular exhibition stand


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