Modular exhibition stands

We build exhibition stands in our own, exclusive, modular building system called the Prestige Events System.

Prestige stands are easily reconfigured for different stand space.

This allows exhibitors the freedom and cost benefits, to adapt and reuse their exhibition stands, again and again, at different shows and events.

Our entire business-model and our company-ethos, is centred on enabling our exhibitors to get the maximum benefit from the modular and reusable aspects of our exhibition stand designs.

As you read through our website you can’t help but notice how our design innovation and services, are geared to this end.

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What are the pro’s and cons of modular exhibition stands, and how do they compare with custom-built stands?

Our exhibition stands, designed and built in the Prestige Events System are fully-featured, custom-designed exhibition stands that compete with traditional ‘custom-built’ stands.

Many other ‘modular-stands’ available on the market, are little more than glorified display structures, that should be avoided by the serious exhibitor who seeks a professional result.

It is true that with very large budgets, traditional custom-built stands offer the ultimate in creativity. However as well as the expense, you also sacrifice the benefits of the easy reusability that a modular design will offer you.

Our stands, designed and built in the Prestige Events System, allow you the dual benefits of a unique custom-designed look, and the value and consistency of a modular and reusable stand design.

We help you make the most of your modular stand, and achieve reusability over your entire exhibiting calendar…

At Quadrant2Design, we live and breath modularity and reusability. It’s what we get out of bed for, it’s in our DNA!

We only work with our own exclusive solution (which we know is the best) and our entire business model revolves around empowering our exhibiting clients to harness the benefits of our exhibition stands modular and reusable characteristics.

Some quick links to some important sevice elements:

Chloe Anderton explains in these videos how we build modularity and reusability into your stands…

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Reusable Stands

Forget old-fashioned ‘build ‘n’ burn’ exhibition stands, our stands are modular, scalable and reusable



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Self Build Stands

Prestige exhibition stands are easy to build without tools or any specialist knowledge