Quadrant2Design’s reconfigurable stands at Aesthetic Medicine Live! 

About Aesthetic Medicine Live 2024 

Aesthetic Medicine Live, the UK’s leading aesthetics show, took place on the 19th – 20th of May at Olympia, London. The show helps aesthetic clinic owners and practitioners take their practice to the next level; bringing together industry-leading plastic surgeons, aesthetic doctors, dermatologists, dentists, cosmetic nurses and skin therapists! Among these experts, Quadrant2Design had three lovely clients, and they all reconfigured their stand!

Reconfigurable Stands

Modularity, reconfigurability and reusability are at the heart of our exhibition stand designs. But what exactly does this mean for your stand?

Modularity refers to our stand structure which is made from separate components that can be assembled into various shapes and sizes. Reconfigurability refers to the ability to change the layout and size of the stand and graphics. This helps to meet the ever-changing needs of each show, and panels and features can be added and removed as needed. Last but not least, all of these stand components are entirely reusable for all of your shows.

The reconfiguration of all three of our clients’ stands for the show demonstrates how beneficial a modular can be!


Reconfigurable stands for Mesoestetic - Wellness Trading 2024

Mesoestetic are the global leader in the aesthetic medicine sector, supplying ground-breaking products and treatments across Europe!

Earlier this year Mesoestetic exhibited at ACE in Olympia and reconfigured their stand from peninsula to corner. Just two months later, they have reconfigured their sleek stand back to a classic peninsula with some updates to the graphic panels. Both configurations are beneficial. A corner stand can feel more private for meetings and networking, where a peninsula feels inviting and open for prospective customers.

Sometimes when people think of reusable stands, they assume they will receive the same-looking stand for each show. Mesoestetic demonstrates that this does not have to be the case! Exhibition stands can look and feel new with just a few alterations.

Reconfigurable stand for Mesoestetic - Wellness Trading 2024Reconfigurable stand for Mesoestetic - Wellness Trading 2024

Hamilton Fraser

Reconfigurable stands for Hamilton Fraser - by Quadrant2Design

Hamilton Fraser are the UK’s leading cosmetic insurance partner. The insurance is designed to protect the practitioner against allegations of malpractice and negligence while administering aesthetic treatments. Aethetics Medicine Live was a perfect show for Hamilton Fraser as hundreds of the visitors and exhibitors are aesthetic practitioners.

High-level branding with backlit features, along with bright backlit product displays made Hamilton Fraser stand out from the crowds.

Because aesthetic shows are quite clinical, it’s really important that stands feel and look fresh, clean and new. For this show, our client updated their stand from island to corner. The update  defines their space and new eye-catching showcases give their stand a brand-new feel; perfect for the aesthetics show! This stand also features storage space which is a useful feature to help keep the stand tidy. Demonstrations are popular in aesthetics shows, so it is important that products are accessible, but still tucked away to avoid mess.


Reconfigurable stands for Sofwave - By Quadrant2Design

Sofwave provide the most innovative aesthetic technology that revitalises the skin by stimulating and remodelling collagen production.

Like Mesoestetic, Sofwave also visited ACE back in March, where they used an island configuration, allowing them to be approached from all sides! For this show, Sofwave upsized to a 6m x 11m, large, approachable and open peninsula stand. This reconfiguration truly showcases the adaptability of our design system. Despite looking vastly different, the majority of the panels have been reused.

Reconfigurable stand for Sofwave - 2024Quadrant2Design Island exhibition stand for Totally Derma at ACE 2024

How Modular stands help with brand-memorability

One of the reasons people exhibit is to establish networks and enhance brand memorability through face-to-face marketing. Consistent branding and exposure, often through distinctive colours at numerous shows, play a significant role in creating brand memorability.

Modular stands are an excellent tool for building brand memorability as most panels are reused throughout varying configurations. This ensures that graphic colours and style remain consistent across shows, even if the stand’s layout changes each time. The key benefit of consistency is that you become memorable and easily recognisable to visitors. As seen in the stands above, even though each stand differs significantly from its previous configuration, if you were looking for Mesoestetic, you would immediately recognise them! Over time, this helps companies to build better networks and connections and means all stands look professional. Since Quadrant2Design manages exhibitions throughout Europe, this benefit extends to international shows as well. Not to mention, working with just one contractor makes the process less stressful and easier to organise.

If you are interested in our modular exhibition stands, get in touch at +44 (0)1202 723 500 or email design@quadrant2design.com for a free no-obligation design proposal.