Ragzi Turns 2

Happy Birthday Ragzi! Our second son and Quadrant’s youngest employee, Ragzi, celebrates his second birthday today. As you may know, we threw a party for our Boston Terrier, Benny’s birthday a fortnight ago, and now it’s young Ragzi’s turn in the spotlight!

Although Ragzi is a mere two weeks’ younger than his cheeky sibling, he’s a darn sight bigger than Benny and a little more hyperactive! Fiercely loyal, Ragzi’s demanding authority makes him the perfect fit for his job as Quadrant’s Head of Security – a role he relishes and takes extremely seriously.

Today will see our handsome Boston boy celebrate his milestone birthday in the company of the entire Quadrant crew – and of course, his half-brother, Benny – who’s been known to pull a prank or two just to be the centre of attention. (Be on your guard, Ragzi!)

Don’t let on we told you, but although Ragzi maintains something of a tough guy image around here, being Head of Security and all that, there’s nothing he likes better than a good old-fashioned cuddle from all his mates here at Q2D.

So, without further ado, let’s break out the doggy treats and get this party started. It’s going to be a proper red carpet affair as befits our stylish Birthday Boy, with the pup-arazzi in attendance and plenty of razzmatazz.

And if he’s not too dog-tired after all this socialising, Ragzi insists he’s staying up tonight to watch The Secret Life of Puppies: Terrible Twos, on the box.

Just between ourselves, we think that young Ragzi may have developed a celebrity crush on pampered pup, Betsy, the French Bulldog! It’s okay, Ragzi, your secret’s safe with us lad … Many Happy Returns, Ragzi