2017 will see the Artemis Racing Team take on some of the world’s best sailors, including Great Britain’s own Sir Ben Ainslie, who will be racing with his team, BAR, in the Bermuda based championship.

This month, however, the team are in their adopted homeland of Sweden, at the Gothenburg Båtmässan (Boat Show), from the 31st January until the 8th February. And that is where Quadrant2Design comes in.

Artemis Racing approached us last week and asked us to create a Prestige Exhibition System for their stand at the Gothenburg Båtmässan. That’s one week to design, create and build a stand, ready for it to be shipped out to Gothenburg in time for the show. We work quickly here at Quadrant2Design, but this was definitely to be a new challenge for us.

The stand itself reflects the sleek design of the team’s multimillion pound yacht. The deep blue background proudly displays Artemis’ logo, three golden crowns, the national emblem of Sweden. The stand itself is a gentle wave, indicative of the waters upon which the sailors will be racing. With added features, such as a display showcase and a flat screen TV built into the high-level stand, this stall, and the people stood in front of it, are sure to be a favourite at this monumental show.

You will be able to visit the Artemis Racing team and their lightning speed stand at stall C02:40, at the Gothenburg Båtmässan, Sweden, between the 31st January and 8th February.

For more information about Artemis Racing and The America’s Cup, visit artemis-racing.americascup.com.

For more information about the Prestige Exhibition System, or for your free design consultation, please visit www.prestige-system.com.