With thousands of visitors expected at The Internet Retailing Expo (IRX 2014) on March 26th, this was a perfect opportunity for us (the Marketing Team) to see the event in full swing and our Prestige stands in action.

The Internet Retailing Expo (IRX) brings together all of the leading experts in the Internet Retail industry. The show includes first-hand demonstrations of the latest cutting-edge technologies from the more than 200 suppliers, as well as presentations from over 100 speakers on how to overcome the challenges in multichannel retailing.

Quadrant2Design is the sole UK supplier of the Prestige Events System, which is a modular, expanding frame solution that allows clients to re-configure their stand for different exhibition spaces.

Whilst we were at the event, we noticed that a high-volume of exhibitors are now steering away from theshell-scheme booths and turning to custom-built exhibition stands. We still felt confident that the re-usability, flexibility and the practicality of the Prestige System is why this solution works and looks better compared with other types of modular or custom built stand that can be found at these types of events.

We saw some impressive custom-built stands at this show, but the sad thing is, is knowing that these fantastic-looking stands only have a life span of one event. This is where the Prestige System is notably different. Our solution means that you can have a modern, sleek, custom looking stand that you can also re-configure for different shows – as well as allowing you to save so much money!

We spoke to one exhibitor with a metal look custom-built stand, who explained to us how it had taken them a long time to install their stand and how difficult it had been due to the heavy structure. It shouldn’t have to be difficult and stressful to set up a stand before any event; that’s where the impressive light-weight, ‘no-visible metal’ construction of the Prestige System comes in.

The other advantage to the Prestige System is that it allows exhibitors to compact and store the stand easily, as well as being able to set up this system by themselves quickly and efficiently.

Our clients Vocus, Computop and Pure360 were all exhibiting at the Internet Retailing Expo with the Prestige Events System. All three exhibition stands stood out compared to other exhibition stand alternatives, this was due to Prestige’s seamless graphics and custom-look.

Vocus were at Internet Retailing Expo this year with a Prestige Exhibition Stand

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