Quadrant2Design proudly supports Word Forest charity with two brand new custom-designed pull-up banners.

Tracey and Simon West, founders of Word Forest, visited Quadrant2Design in our office in Poole to collect two brand new pull-up banners that we have donated to Word Forest to assist in their promotional activity.

Word Forest CEO and Co-founder Tracey West told us

“We are an international reforestation charity. We plant trees, build schools, facilitate education and support a raft of women’s empowerment initiatives across rural Kenya… We’re trying to mitigate the climate emergency by planting as many trees as we can. And we were so grateful to have received these as two gifts to help us complete our mission”

We’ve worked with Word Forest for many years and previously donated pull-up banners back in 2018.

Word Forest is an environmental and education charity that works to combat the devastating effects of climate change by planting fast-growing trees in the tropics, while also supporting women’s empowerment, building classrooms and facilitating education.

Co-founder Simon West told us

“The most important thing about the charity is getting trees in the ground, but we can’t do that without looking after the people. So all of the things that we do to help the people; the women’s empowerment, the education, building classrooms, all allows them to concentrate on keeping the trees alive in the ground.”

Quadrant2Design is thrilled to support such a fantastic cause with these banners!


Find out more about Word Forest here