Quadrant2Design just attended BrightonSEO 2024!

BrightonSEO is the most popular search marketing conference. The show is held in the UK and the US and brings together the most knowledgeable SEO speakers and industry experts from around the world! 

Our team thoroughly enjoyed the atmosphere and speakers, and as an added benefit, we were able to speak to two of our lovely clients! 


One of our clients at the event was Siteimprove. Siteimprove’s product is designed to enhance marketing performance by conducting regular scans of websites and evaluating their content for potential accessibility issues. The issues detected are then categorised into specific areas such as Quality Assurance, Accessibility, and Search Engine Optimisation, to make it easier for users to identify and address problems effectively.

We were able to speak with Siteimprove’s Matt Gosling, who was really pleased with the turnout on their stand, especially given it was their first time at the show. Matt was also pleased with their welcoming and eyecatching stand design. He says: 

“The stand is great! The curves on the edges are something we have never had before. And, it’s collaborative in the way that it encourages people to come into the environment instead of standing outside.”

Alongside many of our other clients, Matt also appreciated the reusable and reconfigurable aspects of our modular exhibition stands. He says: 

“The fact that the panels are interchangeable so we can take [the stand] to other events is really good. I think specifically for us, we go to lots of different events, and the messaging needs to align with that event specifically. ” 


SimilarWEB render by Quadrant2Design

Secondly, we visited our client SimilarWEB. SimilarWEB had great success at BrightonSEO 2024 showcasing their advanced digital marketing tools and new features to thousands of guests and prospective customers. SimilarWEB’s innovative platform offers a unique digital marketing tool that helps businesses estimate the amount of traffic different websites get. Their product allows users to see competitors’ top traffic sources. The data is broken down into six major categories including referring sites, social traffic, and top search keywords.

SimilarWEB’s sleek and open stand attracted a lot of attention during the show; visitors were thoroughly impressed. While at the event, we spoke with similarWEB’s Luke Downes about the companies overall experience at the show. Luke says: 

“We’ve got lots of good leads and really good conversations. We’ve got fairly new features within our products and we’re super keen to be able to showcase what it is that we can do to the SEO community.” 

We also spoke with Luke about the impact of a good stand.

“The stand is open, it’s airy, and people can approach from three different sides. We’re not enclosed so it’s approachable for those wanting to come to our booth.” 

Sustainability, reusability, and cost-effectiveness also impacted Luke’s use of Quadrant2Design. 

“The stand is brought to us by Quadrant2Design. They’re a company that I actually approached because of their sustainability qualities. The one thing is the budget for the event; I don’t want to be spending a huge amount of time and money on building a booth that is ultimately destroyed. So, from my perspective, I want something that is reusable, repurposeable and cheap to redeploy. We’d use it for the next show for sure. Obviously, it’s a component-based system you can put bits with existing pieces. And, we have our own in-house design team as well so that enables us to recreate graphics quickly, send them off to you guys and you print them and showcase them in the best possible way.” 


Overall, we loved BrightonSEO and were really pleased with the turnout for our clients! We wish them both luck for their upcoming events and can’t wait for the next BrightonSEO on October 3rd – 4th, this year.

If you’re interested in exhibiting throughout 2024 or 2025, contact our design team today to get the ball rolling! Call our team on 01202 723 500 or email design@quadrant2design.com for a free no-obligation design proposal!