Quadrant2Design just visited the UK Food & Drink Shows at the NEC, Birmingham! 

The UK Food & Drink Shows house 5 co-located shows, at one venue, over 3 days. These shows include…

  • Farm Shop & Deli Show
  • Food & Drink Expo
  • The Restaurant Show
  • National Convenience Show
  • Foodex Manufacturing Solutions
  • The Forecourt Show

This brilliant collection of events unite the industry by encompassing food development, manufacturing, grocery, hospitality, retail, forecourt and convenience retail, wholesale, and food service.

Maggie Clemence caught up with some of our clients who exhibited. In the video, they share their show insights, individual goals, the benefits of exhibiting, and the effect of a great exhibition stand.

The Forecourt Show

This show focuses on forecourt innovation; bringing together the leading suppliers and distributors of fuel types, vehicle care, and convenience retail. Taking place bi-annually, The Forecourt Show is the main event for those in the UK forecourt industry, so it’s important for the exhibition stands to make an impact!

Gulf Oil

Vibrant stand for Gulf Oil at the Forecourt Show, by Quadrant2Design

Our client Gulf Oil, exhibited at the Forecourt Show to showcase its branding and network with prospective and existing clients. Gulf Oil is one of the most famous oil companies. Known internationally, the brand has a presence in over 100 countries!

Stand Features and Design

Gulf Oil is well-known for its motor racing history, so the iconic orange and blue colours were significant in the branding of the stand. Our client envisaged this branding to be visible to every guest at the show, with a forecourt visual effect, and Quadrant2Design made sure to deliver. They were unmissable!

Jessica Lillie who we spoke to at the stand said:

“We love having a presence here and we like having a big stand so no matter where in the show you’re coming from you can see us. We’ve got the Gulf sign on the top as well. We completely brand it up with Gulf so no matter where you are there is Gulf logo everywhere.”

One of the key benefits of Quadrant2Design’s modular stands is the versatility of design. The Gulf team included many features to make their stand eye-catching to draw in customers. High-level branding and custom-shaped rotating headers ensured visibility across the show, and mounted monitors allowed for even more visual interest. Walkthrough features helped make the stand dynamic and interactive, attracting attention to new products!

National Convenience Show

The National Convenience Show is the largest event for the convenience retailing sector, bringing together suppliers, wholesalers and retailers. Quadrant2Design had two great clients at the event, SOP International, and Actiph Water!

Actiph Water

Colourful and eyecatching stand by Quadrant2Design for for Actiph Water, at the UK Food & Drink Shows

The Actiph Water team have already had a busy year exhibiting having recently got back from IFE! The innovative company supplies ionised water designed for exercise recovery, and vitamin-enhanced flavoured, sparkling drinks.

 Actiph Water at IFE

At the National Convenience Show, Quadrant2Design spoke with the founder of the company Jamie Douglas Hamilton, who shared insights on Actiph Water’s exhibiting developments, and its Quadrant2Design stand.

The Impact of a Great Stand

The Actiph Water team exhibit at the National Convenience Show every year, but this year was the first time using their Quadrant2Design stand. Jamie Douglas talks about how the stand has helped generate leads and gain traction…

“The difference between the time we did it last year, where not many people came to our stand, and this year, where we’ve been busy all three days. It’s because of this beautiful stand, thanks to you!  

Presentation’s everything and the stand is beautiful, so many people have come up to us and said what a beautiful stand it is. We’ve actually got five contracts we’ve concluded while we’ve been at the show and we’ve got a pipeline of about 20 to 25 convertible leads.” 

Quadrant2Design creates stands that make an impact. Customers will be drawn in when you have a visually captivating stand that perfectly portrays your branding and marketing. The stand allows your team to start conversations and create convertible leads!

Additionally, the modularity of our stand system means that as your branding grows and evolves, your stand can grow with you. Jamie says…

“As the brand grows, we have to then upgrade our stand, we could no longer have the same stand we always had.” 

“You’ve communicated [our branding] so well. It’s a very welcoming stand, it’s a stand people want to go to.” 

To find out more about Actiph Water and their exhibition stand, view Actiph Water – Today in Pre-Build

Bold and effective stand by Quadrant2Design fir SOP International at UK Food & Drink Shows

SOP International

Also exhibiting at National Convenience Show is SOP International, a leading importer and distributor of Asian and Oriental foods! Our client tends to exhibit at around 5/6 events each year, but since National Convenience has been such a great success for them, it has become their most significant event. This year’s stand is SOP International’s largest yet, and they were thrilled to add even more of their partner stands.

Multiple Brands on One Stand

Exhibiting with multiple brands on one stand can be a challenge, but with effective graphic design, it can work! SOP International loves to showcase its many partner brands; more and more of which want to add their names to the stand! With Quadrant2Design’s in-house design team and modular stands, we can efficiently update panels as branding evolves. Quadrant2Design had a great catch-up with SOP International’s lovely Dion Saayman, who spoke about his partner brands and this year’s stand…

“We were so excited about attending this show because it’s the perfect platform and you guys allow us the opportunity to get as many brands into a really small space without the whole space having to look crowded.

Because of that, we’re attracting a whole range of buyers that we’ve not actually sold to before, so we’re selling to convenience forecourts and smaller convenience stores that we wouldn’t be able to get to without this kind of exposure, so it’s really good for us, we’re very happy to be at the show!” 

SOP International’s exhibition stand was also designed with multiple showcases, so when prospective customers visit the stand, they can view a wide range of available stock in person.

To find out more about SOP International and their exhibition stand, view SOP International – Today in Pre-Build…


Vibrant, eye-catching stand by Quadrant2Design for Kanegrade at the UK Food & Drink Shows

Food & Drink Expo

Food & Drink Expo provides the number one route to the UK food and drink market and helps hundreds of companies showcase their exceptional products.


Our client Kanegrade was among the exhibitors at the show, and just look at how gorgeous their stand is! Kanegrade creates and supplies high-quality flavours, colours, fruit powders and ingredients.

In-Person Marketing

Quadrant2Design spoke with Kanegrade’s Wendy Sollis about the benefits of in-person marketing! Exhibitions introduce thousands of relevant and interested people to your brand. When exhibiting you gain brand awareness, assess your competitors, prove your credentials, and can discuss the importance of your services or products.

These advantages are great for your company and aren’t always possible to achieve with digital marketing. Wendy shares Kanegrade’s experience:

“When you’re speaking to somebody face-to-face it’s so much better and it’s just nice to catch up with everyone and see all the things that are out there. It’s nice to see your customers all in one place. It’s been really good and really worthwhile.”

The Restaurant Show

The restaurant show informs, connects and inspires those in the world of hospitality. The event is an invaluable hub for restaurateurs, chefs and casual dining operators, as well as pub, bar and street food operators to help them deliver on flavour and potential!

ICR Touch 

ICRTOUCH - Hospitality Show Exhibition stand 2024 Quadrant2Design

ICR Touch was our final client at the UK Food & Drink Shows, exhibiting at the The Restaurant Show. Our client is an innovative company, providing a complete EPOS solution for those in hospitality. 

The show has been a great opportunity for ICR Touch to create more brand awareness, meet with new and existing clients, and show guests something new! The hospitality industry has been going through some challenges, and ICR Touch has great solutions that can solve them.


Maggie Clemence spoke with the lovely Tony Franklin at the show about the benefits of reconfigurable stands. Every stand we design and build at Quadrant2Design is built within our Prestige Events System, and is reusable, modular, and reconfigurable! Reconfigurable stands can be altered to fit any space or size, and features can be added or removed, so it feels like a new stand each time. Tony says:

“The challenge that we find is booking a show, you never end up with the same size stands or the same space. So, we wanted some flexibility and that’s what we’ve had with you guys!”

ICR Touch is a purchase client of Quadrant2Design. Our purchase clients have access to our Lifetime Free Design alongside those using our Free-Hire plan. We also provide free training at our Poole showroom and access to training videos!


All of our clients at the UK Food & Drink Shows are repeat clients who appreciate the ability to reuse their stands. Not only is this option environmentally friendly, but it is also cost-effective!


At Quadrant2Design we are proud to be able to provide solutions for all of our clients, and their different requirements and goals! From impactful stands and design features to multiple brands on one stand and reconfigurable flexibility, Quadrant2Design can find a solution.


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