Quadrant2Design just visited The Safety and Security Event Series, home to 6 co-located shows: The Security Event, Professional Security Officer Live, National Cyber Security Show, The Fire Safety Event, The Health & Safety Event and The Workplace Event. Maggie Clemence from Quadrant2Design interviewed some of our clients about the importance of their presence at exhibitions. 

Making Your Exhibition Stand Out 

Having an eye-catching stand is the first step in having a successful exhibition. At Quadrant2Design our stands can host various bespoke features and a 100% seamless effect panoramic graphic look, so you have the space to display your meaningful marketing messages. 

Fire Chief Global stand by Quadrant2Design at The Fire Safety Event

Our clients at the show were really pleased with their stands. They felt that the exhibition stands captured the attention of guests, and helped staff to generate leads. Here’s what some of them had to say! 

Peter Martin from Nimbus  “The branding of the stand was really important to us, the colour coding, the design, everything. It was executed fantastically for us. We didn’t have a lot of time to do it, and with the time frame we had to turn it around, to be honest with you, hats off, because it was incredible”. 

Darren Smith from Dorplan Contracts LTD –  “It looks really good. It’s certainly caught people’s eye and it’s dragged people over and that’s what matters, it’s that engagement we were looking for”. 

Stefan Wasiak from Durable – “The stand has been great for peaking a point of curiosity […] and this is allowing us to engage and strike a conversation.”

Durable stand by Quadrant2Design at The Safety and Security Event Series

Demonstrating Brand Integrity at The Safety and Security Event

Attending events is a great way to demonstrate your brand integrity. For critical industries like fire safety, in-person marketing is even more significant as it humanises your business and shows clients who you really are and what you do! When your exhibition stand follows the themes and branding on your website, it shows customers that your brand is trustworthy. At Quadrant2Design we speak a lot about proving your credentials, and we feel exhibiting is one of the most impactful ways of doing this. 

Nimbus stand by Quadrant2Design at The Fire Safety Event

Our clients also shared their insights on the importance of exhibiting to demonstrate brand integrity:

Peter Martin from NimbusTo have a stand that backs our message up which can exhibit what we’re trying to talk about, succinctly is really important. This stand is a huge part of what we do, it’s our identity.” 

Simon Perkins from Urbis Schreder“This is a space that we’re not that well-known in yet, so having a stand that conveys the message of what we’re offering is really important”.

Darren Smith from Dorplan “It all comes down to values. At the end of the day, we are trying to promote a brand, a product or a service to help save lives. So ultimately, working with other brands or stand builders or whoever it is, we are all trying to promote the same message. So, it’s understanding that message, we’re not just knocking some products together and making it look all fluffy. We are trying to get our message across and it’s important that message comes across well.” 

Dorplan stand by Quadrant2Design at The Fire Safety Event

Reliable In-House Services

At Quadrant2Design, we handle every service in-house, from the initial design proposal, to printing, pre-build, installation, project management, and transport. It is this principle that allows us to provide the best quality, reliable stands and service, as we are able to quality-check throughout the design, production and build. This process also allows us to support our clients through their exhibitions, to provide them an exceptional, stress-free exhibiting experience.

Betafit stand by Quadrant2Design at The Safety and Security Event Series

How our in-house services affect our client’s experiences:

Simon Perkins from Urbis Schreder – “Quadrant are known for providing a reliable service. We had a time slot, we had to get this up and done professionally , quickly and reliably and the people we worked with at Quadrant really helped us achieve that as you can see”.

Peter Martin from Nimbus -“I think firstly what was most impressive was the interactions that we had with multiple members of your team. From the get go I was introduced to lots of different departments […]. I was given a video welcome to give a flavour for what’s available and who does what in the organisation.

Not having ever organised an event before, this was dropped in my lap at the eleventh hour. I was almost panicking really because I didn’t know what to do or where to start and how to get this off the ground. I spoke to Monika and Laura and James and a number of different people who did all the heavy lifting for me. It couldn’t have been easier really. [..] I couldn’t fault one part of the service!”

Vanessa Derbyshire from System Q – “Above expectations really, Quadrant have been here to help us along the whole journey here. It’s refreshing.”

James Phipps from Global Telesat Communications -“Yes love it, it looks brilliant. We’re really pleased with it. Everything from start to finish has been really really good. We’re very pleased with Quadrant”.

Global Telesat Communications stand by Quadrant2Design at The Safety and Security Event Series

Firechief Global – Today in Pre-Build

Modular, Reconfigurable and Reusable Stands

All of our exhibition stands at Quadrant2Design are modular, reconfigurable and reusable! Modularity refers to our stand system. We make our stands out of separate components that lock into place to form a complete stand . The stands are reconfigurable, as the stand and graphics can be rearranged for different stand spaces, designs or sizes. For a complete new feel, features and graphics can also be added or removed. Last but not least, our stands are completely reusable!

Many of our clients choose our stands for sustainability reasons, trying to lower their environmental impact. Here’s what some of them had to say about the stands!

Vanessa Derbyshire from System Q – “Yes we’re looking to expand, take this stand to other exhibitions throughout the year. And hopefully this will be a success every year for us, we’re spreading far and wide! [..] It’s modular so we can move things around, change it up, change the messaging as well. As a core stand it’s perfect. And you look after it for us so in other exhibitions it’s going to be perfect! ”

Darren Smith from Dorplan –  “We don’t want to be wasteful and just throw things away. It’s really important as well in terms of finances. The fact that we can store this and then use it again in a years time. That’s certainly been appealing to us.”

Allison Tully from Firechief Global – ” The part that was very important to us was sustainability. The fact that we can reuse the stand again is really important as we’re actually going through a whole process to get to net zero at the moment.”


Overall, it is safe to say, this event has served as a powerful platform for these life-saving companies to demonstrate their brand integrity.

The testimonials from our clients have demonstrated the impact of a truly stress-free exhibiting experience, as provided by Quadrant2Design. Furthermore, our clients illustrate how effective our stands are at conveying brand messages, capturing attention, and generating leads.

If you’re interested in exhibiting with Quadrant2Design, contact our design team today on 01202 723 500 or email design@quadrant2design.com for a free no-obligation design proposal.