Join Maggie Clemence at Seawork, where we had 4 Quadrant2Design clients.

Seawork 2024

Seawork is Europe’s largest on-water commercial marine and workboat exhibition! This year was the 25th edition of the show, and it took place on the 11th-13th of June 2024 in Mayflower Park, Southampton. The park is a special venue as it’s right in the heart of Southampton and gives direct access to the sea!

Quadrant2Design had 4 clients at the show including Bollfilter, ASAP Supplies and WaterMota!


WaterMota Exhibition Stand at Seawork by Quadrant2Design

WaterMota has supplied the marine industry with engine room packages since 1911, and has exhibited at every edition of Seawork for the last 25 years!

The show is the largest and most significant part of WaterMota’s exhibition calendar, bringing valuable and relevant visitors for their engines, gearboxes, pumps and throttle controls.

Why did WaterMota choose Quadrant2Design?

Reliability and integrity were key considerations for WaterMota when choosing to work with Quadrant2Design. Your exhibition stand is your brand identity when exhibiting, so it’s important that it reflects positively on your brand.

Since WaterMota exhibits with heavy products, they require ample time for preparation and setup. To ensure smooth execution on the day of the exhibition, they sought a reliable contractor, Quadrant2Design, who leaves nothing to chance. Our in-house services enable us to deliver every time!

WaterMota also appreciates the modularity and reconfigurability of the stand system. The system, paired with our Lifetime Free Design service, means stands can feel and look new for each event!

Project Management, transport, installation and dismantling also make the exhibition experience stress free for the team.

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Testimonial from WaterMota’s James Wyatt:

“The fact that we can modify the stand and make little changes whether it be to the artwork that we’ve got or whether it’s the actual design. We can do that quite ad hoc and change brands or add different brands in, it really gives us the ability to keep the same layout but change aspects year by year to keep it fresh!” 

ASAP Supplies

ASAP Supplies Exhibition Stand at Seawork by Quadrant2Design

ASAP Supplies, provide marine products for commercial and leisure sectors, to maintain, repair and overhaul boats! Like WaterMota, ASAP Supplies has attended every edition of Seawork for the last 25 years and has enjoyed seeing the show growth! They use the show to meet with new and existing clients and to showcase their new products to visitors!

Why did ASAP Supplies choose Quadrant2Design?

Ease of exhibiting, sustainability and the impactful stand design were key factors in ASAP Supplies decision to use Quadrant2Design. When you exhibit with Quadrant2Design’s Free-Hire Plan, we handle the stand logistics, including transport, installation, dismantling and storage between shows. This makes exhibiting stress-free and means that exhibitors can invest their time and energy into getting their products, marketing strategy and themselves ready for the exhibition.

ASAP Supplies also wanted to make sure their stand was sustainable, and Quadrant2Design stands are inherently sustainable due to their reusable model. This reusability also helps to minimise exhibiting costs.

Testimonial from ASAP Supplies’ Gary Aldred:

The stand design has been brilliant, you guys are always helpful and on hand if we need anything! […] The build and the break down are so easy. It’s good that we can reuse a lot of the stand, the backboards and everything, and we can tweak it if need be. It’s just so easy!” 


Bollfilter Exhibition Stand at Seawork by Quadrant2Design

Bollfilter, a German-owned company, is a leading European manufacturer of automatic water filtration systems. The company provides protection filters to safeguard downstream equipment. In the marine and boat market, this equipment tends to be expensive boat engines.

Seawork 2024 was an excellent opportunity for Bollwater to generate new leads and increase brand awareness. The team’s stand was very busy throughout the event; they had already received many enquiries by the time we caught up!

Why did Bollfilter choose Quadrant2Design?

Before using the Quadrant2Design stand, Bollfilter used pull-up banners. The switch to a modular stand has significantly impacted our client’s exhibiting experience. The stand is visually impressive and helps attract guests, and the Project Management, installation and dismantling make the exhibiting experience stress-free. Simply turn up ready to exhibit!

The reusability has also been very beneficial. Bollfilter has exhibited with us twice now. The first stand was around twice the size of this second exhibition stand, but because of our modular system, many pieces have been reused to maximise sustainability and reduce costs.

Wondering if you should make the switch to a reusable exhibition stand?

Testimonial from Bollfilter’s Paul Horton:

The stand looks really impressive, really good! It just takes all the hassle out if it […] It’s literally ready to go other than a few giveaways. That’s it, easy.” 

“The fact that it’s modular, we can add and take bits away is brilliant. I think the last show, the stand was maybe twice as big or maybe even three times bigger. So yeah, the flexibility, is great; perfect. In fact, we’ve already had people coming around and asking us who’s done our stand for us, so there you go!”


Quadrant2Design thoroughly enjoyed Seawork. It was wonderful to see how this historic event is still a strong platform for our clients.

From visiting the show, it is clear the commercial marine industry is innovating towards sustainability and solutions for the future. Quadrant2design is proud to support our clients in effectively showcasing their products, services and their innovative contributions.

Now that Seawork is over, we are looking forward to the next major marine show, back for it’s 55th edition, the Southampton International Boat Show. This show is taking place from  Friday 13th to Sunday 22nd of September, back at Mayflower Park!

If you’re thinking of exhibiting at the Southampton International Boat Show or another exhibition throughout the year, get in touch! Email our team or call +44 (0)1202 723 500 to arrange a free no-obligation design proposal.