The Quadrant2Design team visited Retail Technology 2024 where we had 7 brilliant stands! 

The Retail Technology took place on the 17th-18th of April 2024 at London, Olympia. Home to Europe’s most forward-thinking retailers and leading retail tech innovators; the show is a must-visit. 

The event serves as a valuable platform for providers of cutting-edge solutions to demonstrate how retailers can enhance customer service and improve their operations, productivity, and profitability.

The atmosphere this year was truly amazing! Our team had the opportunity to speak to 6 of our 7 clients about their experience at the show.

Retail Manager Solutions 

Exhibition stand by Quadrant2Design for Retail Manager Solutions at Retail Technology 2024

Retail Manager Solutions (RMS) exhibited at Retail Technology 2024 with their ground-breaking cloud-based software “Metro”. The software aids multi-site retail, hospitality and healthcare companies by allowing workers to receive, process and respond to communications quickly and efficiently. This enables employees to focus on valuable customer-facing activities. 

We had a great catch-up with Rob Morgan from RMS about the benefits of a reconfigurable and reusable stand. RMS recently returned from EuroCIS in Germany where they utilised a reconfiguration of their memorable stand. Rob says: 

“We don’t like building things and throwing the materials away afterwards. The work that we have done with Quadrant2Design means that we can put the stand back up and reuse the materials as much as possible. It is not just good from a cost perspective, but it also ticks our sustainability box.” 

For many clients like Rob, sustainability is a relevant factor in choosing an exhibition stand designer. As our stands are built within our Prestige Events System, they are modular and can be reused and reconfigured for different shows and stand spaces! This makes them a truly sustainable option for exhibitors. 

RMS are also based fairly locally to the Quadrant2Design pre-build facility in Poole, and enjoy seeing their stand before each event! 

Solved by AI 

Exhibition stand by Quadrant2Design for Solved by AI at Retail Technology 2024

Solved by AI provides dynamic AI-powered solutions that address complex and critical Operational and HR business challenges through forecasting, optimisation, predictive modelling and data engineering. 

We had a lovely conversation with James Stewart from Solved by AI about the benefits of exhibiting at shows like Retail Technology and the impact of a great stand! James says: 

“This exhibition has been great so far. It’s colourful, it’s big, we have a good spot and the stand is great. It is clear people are interested and it does grab the attention.”

“It’s not always about selling directly. It’s about getting our name out there, understanding what the market wants, understanding what’s going on in the retail sector, and making contact with as many people as possible.” 

Mobile Data Collection 

Exhibition stand by Quadrant2Design for Mobile Data Collection at Retail Technology 2024

Mobile Data Collection (MDC) are the most trusted provider of automatic identification and data capture solutions. The company have operated for over 15 years and offers a full range of auto ID solutions such as barcode scanners, mobile computers & tablets, RFID & POS solutions, printers, label supplies and more.

MDC have just attended Retail Tech for the 7th year in a row. The lovely Stephanie Spaude from MDC expresses the importance of showing your presence at events. She says: 

“You show your presence in the market, how seriously and passionately you sell auto-ID solutions. Everybody who is serious in our industry should be here to show their presence and inform people about the latest technology on the market!” 

Stephanie was also very pleased with the MCD exhibition stand. She envisioned a completely “unique” barcode stand to capture MDC and Quadrant2Design brought the vision to life! 


Exhibition stand by Quadrant2Design for Datecs at Retail Technology 2024

Datecs are a leading manufacturer and developer of innovative POS solutions. Their product lines include mobile payment systems, printers, cash registers, barcode readers, and peripheral devices. 

We had the pleasure of speaking to Jamal Maknin who walked us through the benefits of exhibiting at shows like Retail Tech. Jamal says:

 “Particularly for us as a Hardware manufacturer. It is important for us to be here to show new and existing customers our new technologies and products”. 

Jamal also spoke about the benefits of a reconfigurable stand. He says:

 “I have already pre-booked for next year and I can already decide roughly what dimensions I want, to give myself the option of reusing many of the components. In terms of minimising our spend, we can reuse many of the components and just change around little bits to make sure customers see a new Datecs every time we exhibit”. 

One of the real beauties of a reconfigurable exhibition stand is the ability to recreate the whole look by changing the layout or updating some of the panels. 

PFM Counting Solutions 

Exhibtion stand by Quadrant2Design for Counting Solutions

PFM Counting Solutions helps companies optimise their location’s potential with footfall counters. Footfall counters help to accurately track visitor entries and exits, offering essential insights for informed decision-making and enhanced operational strategies. 

Phil Cox from Counting Solutions expresses how important face-to-face shows have been since COVID. He says: 

“ We’re seeing a massive recovery in shows like this. People want to meet people face-to-face. Getting the brand right, which we’ve just recently rebranded the PFM products, is of maximum importance”. 


Roomex is a free global travel platform that helps you manage your workforce, travel, accommodation and expenses with ease, all from one place. 

The Roomex team were very pleased with their vibrant stand and the event. We had a lovely conversation with Oli Hewitt who says: 

“The visuals on the stand are absolutely phenomenal. They’re really clean and display our platform really well. […] I think the whole stand is great!” 

Retail Technology 2024 Conclusion

We were thoroughly pleased with the turnout of Retail Technology. Our clients were happy with the turnout from the event and even more happy with their exhibition stands!

Quadrant2Design have over 1000 brilliant reviews; always unedited and sent in the exact format they are sent to us.

Retail Tech 2025 

Now Retail tech 2024 is over we are turning our attention to Retail Tech 2025 (2nd – 3rd of April).

If you’re interested in exhibiting throughout 2024 or 2025, contact our design team today to get the ball rolling! Call our team on 01202 723 500 or email for a free no-obligation design proposal!