Last week the Quadrant2Design team attended Bett 2024 in the ExCel London.

Bett is the leading global community for education technology, sparking ideas, creating connections and accelerating trade across global education sectors; driving innovation and improving outcomes for educators and learners alike.

The ExCel London played host to this year’s Bett show, attracting more than 30,000 visitors from the global education community over 3 days, including education changemakers, EdTech providers, government officials, charity representatives, over 2,000 children, 300 speakers and 600 businesses from more than 120 countries!

This year’s Bett show had so much going on, with workshops, demonstrations, exhibitors and speakers exploring all of the latest developments in education technology.

Our team were thrilled to attend the inspirational EdTech event, check out the latest developments in the field of education technology, chat with professionals from across the education sector and, of course, catch up with our fantastic clients exhibiting at Bett 2024.

Quadrant2Design exhibition stands at Bett 2024

One of the most important reasons for our trip was to catch up with Quadrant2Design’s clients and see how they got along exhibiting at the show.


iplicit is an award-winning, true cloud finance solution designed to save Finance Leaders in MATs & Education thousands of pounds as they scale up to support their growth. This is a common challenge for existing legacy systems and iplicit combat this with solutions specifically tailored to businesses that have outgrown their entry-level accounting software.

Iplicit professional white and blue corner stand custom designed by Quadrant2Design for Bett 2024

Exhibiting on stand SC60 of Bett 2024, iplicit demonstrated their innovative alternatives to legacy MAT finance systems, while kindly donating £10 to Martin House Children’s Hospice for every demonstration booked.

Iplict’s Colin Mann said

“We’re a start-up, so one of the thing we’ve got to do is communicate who we are as a brand and really get our message across and actually look bigger than we actually are, and I think the stand today has really done that. This does not look like the stand of a growing company, this looks like the stand of a large company, which is what we’re going to be, and this event will help us get there.”

The implicit exhibition stand was a sleek and professional white and dark blue corner display with high-level branding, a backlit rotating header, multiple TV screens and counters and edge-lit brand-engraved acrylic. All complemented by a branded Quadrant2Design graphic photo-floor.

The Iplicit team posat infront of their professional white and blue corner stand custom designed by Quadrant2Design for Bett 2024

The reusability and reconfigurability of the stand was an important benefit for the iplicit team, as Colin told us

“As a company we’ll be doing somewhere around 20 exhibitions of different types… I looked at the costs of redoing stands for every exhibition and being able to reuse a lot of this would potentially save us somewhere between twenty to fifty thousand pounds over the course of the year. So that modular design is really important.”


Jamworks is the world’s most advanced note-taking and revision tool, revolutionising the educational experience for students (especially those who are disabled or neurodivergent) by harnessing AI to record classes and turn them into a perfect set of notes, a deck of interactive flashcards & a personalised AI tutor.

Jamworks professional white and blue corner exhibition stand created by Quadrant2Design for Bett 2024

Exhibiting on stand SG20 of Bett 2024, Jamworks had a chance to show off all of their innovative AI features on their bright and inviting exhibition stand. Jamworks’ Lewis Maskell told us

“The colour-changing lights look cool, and the big screens as well for demos, they are good for demos to show people Jamworks and show what we can do with AI in education.”

Jamworks exhibition stand was a bright and open white and blue corner stand with high-level branding, a backlit rotating header, a selection of TV and computer screens, a branded counter and multiple literature display showcases.

Jamworks use their integrated tv screens for demonstrations at Bett 2024 | Quadrant2Design

Like the majority of Quadrant2Design’s stands, Jamworks also benefitted from a printed graphic photo-floor, which extends the overall aesthetic appeal of the stand from the walls onto the floor.

Discussing the modular design of the stand, Lewis also told us

“It makes it a lot easier… you just use the same thing again… and you can change the design pretty easy as well.”


With over 17 years of experience, Apple-authorised education specialist JTRS provides technology solutions, technical services, financing plans and training support that help educators to create an inspiring teaching and learning environment.

Stand visitors on JTRS' colourful green and white exhibition stand with multiple branded counters created by Quadrant2Design for Bett 2024

Exhibiting at Bett 2024 on stand NG40, JTRS were able to show visitors how their Success with Apple Programme is transforming teaching and learning.

JTRS had a bright, white and green peninsular stand with high-level branding and a large TV screen. The stand included four branded countertops to represent the four pillars of their Success with Apple Programme.

A focal point of their display was their Sphere of Sports demonstration, which introduced their coding robots on a table-top football pitch and showcased a unique way for young children to engage with coding.

JTRS' Jon Samuel stands with the football pitch tabletop custom designed by Quadrant2Design for JTRS at Bett 2024

The table top was custom-designed by Quadrant2Design and helped to spotlight the demonstration for passing visitors. Teacher and exhibitor, Jon Samuel told us

“Having the table set up like this is drawing people in because it’s a much more visible view for them and it’s right in front of the screen so straight away we’ve had loads of kids wandering around today. They’ve all been coming over to have a look at what’s going on”.

A colourful football pitch tabletop custom designed by Quadrant2Design for JTRS at Bett 2024

When discussing the reusability and reconfigurability of the Prestige Events System JTRS’s Adam Hyde said

“We did the schools and academies show towards the end of last year, which was a similar thing, where we were able to reuse some of the stand and actually, although it was a different size stand we were able to reuse some of it and it was really handy for us to have that flexibility with it”.

Exhibit at Bett 2025 with Quadrant2Design

Bett is an event that Quadrant2Design is highly invested in year after year. We’re committed to educating future generations and this commitment is present in everything we do, including our university work placement programme, which has expanded in 2024 to include even more opportunities!

What do our university students think about their internship at Quadrant2Design?

At Bett 2024 it was incredible to see how Quadrant2Design’s sustainable, modular exhibition stands aligned with the show’s values of innovation, inspiration and sustainability. The innovative designs of our stands caught the attention of visitors and exhibitors alike, from all over the show, with the “spinning thing” (rotating header) being particularly popular amongst exhibitors

Our unique exhibition stand solution, the Prestige Events System is highly reusable, reconfigurable and sustainable and includes multiple innovative features for all your exhibiting needs.

Now that Bett 2024 has come to an end it’s time to plan for BETT 2025! The Bett shows get bigger and better year after year so there’s no doubt that Bett 2025 will be a fantastic event!

If you’re interested in exhibiting at Bett 2025, contact our design team today on 01202 723 500 or email

Start planning your stand for Bett 2025!