Quadrant2Design secure new premises in Poole

We have been at our existing premises for the last 6 years, and we are looking forward to working within an environment that allows our work to be portrayed through the image of the brand and design of the building. This was one of the underlying reasons that Alan wanted to buy a permanent premises – to grow the Quadrant2Design brand.

“Having a building that we actually own, allows us the permission to invest in the infostructure of the building. We can invest in the design and appearance of the place to represent the Quadrant2Design brand. This is something that we have not yet been able to do due to rental terms and conditions.”

“We will be able to optimise the building. I have always wanted the staff to work in an open plan office to allow them to communicate with each other easily. We will soon have this which, I think, will increase the quality of the workflow. The move will also offer better staff welfare as they will feel more secure being in a premises that is not only permanent but that we can tailor to allow the image of the brand to show through, ultimately all providing a better outcome for the clients.”

But, what about the UK’s largest exhibition stand showroom? Thankfully, there will still be a showroom at the new premises; we are planning for this to be of a similar size to the current showroom alongside our unique pre-build area.

“Preparation is already underway for the move. We have already planned the refurb of the building, installation of modern communication technology, the layout of the offices and the production space.”

There is not expected to be any delays or detriments caused to projects underway at the time of the move. The majority of the move will be executed over weekends, and the business may operate between the two buildings until the move is complete.

“We are proud to be a financially stable company. Not only does it mean that we are financially sound when projects are concerned, but it also means that we can provide a sense of security for our clients. We won’t be going anywhere for quite some time yet!”

We anticipate the move to the new premises to happen around December 2014.