We’re Exhibiting with The Mercedes-Benz Club at Classic Motor Show 2017!

Mercedes-Benz exhibiting at Classic Motor Show 2018

The Mercedes-Benz Club

Good morning Wiebke

Thank you for your email.

We had another very successful show. Over the show days we served 948 cups of coffee and from the empty cups left calculate 490 cups of tea were served so over 1,500 members visiting the Café and many more non members on the stand. 184 new members were signed up plus 75 members renewed.

We had a new Mercedes-Maybach on loan from Mercedes with a cost of £185,000 and one leading businessman has asked for a test drive of this so possibly a sale there!

As in previous years we have nothing but compliments at the efficiency and professionalism of all your staff in the months leading up to the Show.

The fitters who assembled the stand on the Wednesday this year just got on with their job and worked alongside our own electrician. Same with the team who came to take the stand down.

Again very many thanks.

Kind regards

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