Quadrant2Design releases First Online Publication

This week, Quadrant2Design announced the release of their first online magazine, “10 Must See Stands”, displaying a countdown of the month’s best Prestige Exhibition Stands.

The publication is completely free, and is available to read on the digital publishing platform, ‘Issuu’.

The company are extremely pleased with the magazine, and the reception it has received. “It is a very simple idea, which really opens up the Prestige Exhibition System to customers. It can be very difficult for people to truly grasp what the system can do, and in how many ways it can be reconfigured and redesigned” says Quadrant2Design’s Production Director, Paul Chamberlain. “An easily accessible online magazine is not only allowing people a great, high quality visual representation of the system, in a variety of situations, but it will inspire them and show them that the sky really is the limit when it comes to the Prestige Exhibition System.”

To view the first issue of the publication, please visit www.issuu.com/prestige-events-system, or for more information about Quadrant2Design and the Prestige Exhibition System, contact designteam@quadrant2design.com.

About Quadrant2Design

Quadrant2Design is the UK’s only supplier of the Prestige Exhibition System. Portable, modular and completely reusable, the Prestige Exhibition System requires no tools or special skills. Catering for all sizes of exhibition stands, the Prestige Exhibition System, provides seamless effect, high quality graphics that have a custom feel, whilst being cost effective. With an array of possibilities, including showcases, mounted LCD TV’s and high level branding, Quadrant2Design can create the perfect exhibition stand for any budget.