Quadrant2Design is proud to announce that we are committed to the Dust Kills Campaign directives.

As part of our partnership, we pledge to continue following all campaign initiatives to ensure our practices are safe and clean. 

The Dust Kills campaign by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), aims to prevent and reduce the harm caused by construction dust in the workplace.

The Dust Kills Campaign

3 Types of Hazardous Dust – Never produced by Quadrant2Design

  • Silica Dust – Created when working with materials like concrete, mortar and sandstone. 
  • Wood Dust – Created when working with softwood, hardwood and wood-based products like MDF and Plywood.
  • General Dust – Created when working with materials that contain little to no silica. This dust usually contains gypsum; found in limestone, marble and dolomite. 


Dangerous Construction Dust in The Exhibition Industry 

Construction dust is a serious health hazard that can cause a range of respiratory problems. The dust is typically created through the use of power tools like drills, saws, and grinders, which are commonly used in construction and event setups. Even small amounts of this dust can lead to health issues like asthma, pulmonary disease, silicosis, and lung cancer.

Custom Build stands, which use power tools during construction and on event day, can create hazardous dust that lingers throughout the event. This is particularly true when cutting materials like MDF, which release large amounts of carcinogenic dust that can damage the nasal passageways, lungs, eyes, and heart. 

Construction workers are the most at risk of this dangerous dust exposure, as even basic construction tasks can create dust. Shocking statistics from HSE show that over 500 construction workers die from dust exposure every year. Given that the exhibition industry contributes to dust exposure, all contractors must take steps to minimise risks and ensure the safety of all involved.

Clean Builds with Quadrant2Design

What changes can be made to keep installers, exhibitors and visitors safe? 

Exhibition Stand Contractors

Dampening wood before using power tools, wearing masks and on-tool extraction can reduce risks associated with construction dust. 

However, the only way to truly eliminate the risk of dust exposure is to design exhibition stands using a system that does not require power tools – Something we have achieved at Quadrant2Design!

Exhibition Organisers 

Exhibition organisers can make a remarkable impact on the Dust Kills campaign by limiting custom stands and building methods that create dust. Enforcing restrictions would not only create safer working environments for construction workers but would also create a cleaner atmosphere for exhibitors!

Organisers of events such as The Food & Drink Expo have been placing new regulations on exhibitors to promote safety and support the Dust Kills campaign! We hope to see others follow their lead. 


Stopping Dust Makes Business Sense

  • Cleaner environments for general exhibition areas! 
  • Exhibitors can set up earlier, without the risk of dust from neighbouring stands damaging their products.
  • Restrictions regarding no dust put all exhibitors on a level playing field in terms of safety and respect. 


Safe Stands with Quadrant2Design

At Quadrant2Design, we take pride in creating exhibition stands that are not only functional and visually stunning but also safe!

Unlike traditional construction methods that lead to harmful fumes and dust exposure, our stands are dust free and inherently safe. 


  • The Prestige Events System –  Our stands are custom-modular, reconfigurable and reusable. Our aluminium framework slots together to suit various configurations and does not require any power tools. This also makes it the perfect stand to buy and self-build as you only need a ladder. 
  • Our Clean Build ProcessNo dust or fumes are created from our stands as we never use any harmful chemicals, solvents, laminates, glue, MDF or timber during manufacture. 
  • Easy Assemble/ No Dust on Event Day – Our stands arrive on-site completely manufactured and ready for quick and easy assembly, which is done on the last day of set-up to avoid any mess or dust from other stands.

Closing Thoughts

Joining forces with the Dust Kills Campaign aligns perfectly with our core values of promoting cleaner, safer, and more sustainable practices within the exhibition industry. 

We hope that our commitment to environmental responsibility and safety will inspire others to follow suit and help create a safe exhibition industry for everyone.