Quadrant2Design invests in new Zünd G3 Digital Cutter

For 15 years, the Poole-based company, who last year moved to new premises on the Fulcrum Estate, have trained professionals to ensure the highest quality, precision hand cutting possible. However, after a successful year in 2014, which saw the company’s sales grow by a staggering 58%, Managing Director, Alan Jenkins, decided that a digital cutter was the next logical step forward for the company.

“Quadrant2Design has grown from a back-bedroom start up to one of the UK’s leading exhibition stand contractors. Over the years, we have invested in the best large format printers and laminators, to ensure that every stand that leaves our premises is of the highest quality in both design, and finish. When it came to investing in the best digital cutter on the market, we considered only one manufacturer; Zünd.”


The Zünd G3 L-3200 is designed to eliminate the bottlenecks that so commonly occur within finishing departments, by automating all cutting and trimming functions. By reducing the need for manual cutting dramatically, the Zünd G3 both optimizes workflow and boosts productivity of staff, as well as increasing the accuracy and finish of every Prestige Exhibition panel cut.

Quadrant2Design’s Production Director, Paul Chamberlain, is looking forward to seeing how the Zünd G3 will positively impact the company’s exhibition stands. “Already, after only a very short time, we have seen how accurately the machine cuts our exhibition panels, and leaves an impeccable finish to our final stands. Not only is the finish of our stands now unbeatable, but the speed at which we can produce the stands means that tight deadlines are not a problem, and we can provide customers with the service they want, in the time they need.”

To discover more about Quadrant2Design and the Prestige Events System, or to visit the Poole Show rooms and see the Zünd G3 Cutter in use, please contact designteam@quadrant2design.com or call 01202 723 500.

About Quadrant2Design

Quadrant2Design is the UK’s only supplier of the Prestige Exhibition System. Portable, Modular and easy to self-build, the Prestige Exhibition System requires no tools or special skills. Catering for all sizes of exhibition stands, the Prestige Exhibition System, provides seamless effect, high quality graphics that have a custom feel, whilst being reusable and cost effective. With an array of possibilities, including lit showcases, mounted LCD TV’s and high level branding, Quadrant2Design can create the perfect exhibition stand for any budget.