Quadrant2Design business premises in Poole, Dorset

Here at Quadrant2Design we are thrilled to announce the expansion of our business premises at The Fulcrum industrial estate on Vantage Way, Poole. The company has acquired an additional building adjacent to the existing facility, marking a significant milestone in our 23-year history.

Since 2014, the company has been operating in the current building, gradually increasing floor space by extending mezzanine floors and installing racking to accommodate the growth in equipment and machinery. In 2023, in a U.K. first, Quadrant2Design took delivery of a state-of-the-art Jetrix XGR320 UV printer for the production of Photo Floors in addition to three of the latest Roland UV printers.

A bright and colourful pink and white corner exhibition stand designed and installed by Quadrant2Design for Fizz Creations, with an abundance of product display showcases and Quadrant2Design photo floor

The new building presented a unique opportunity for Quadrant2Design to create a dedicated logistics hub to receive and inspect exhibition stand hardware and customer graphics on their return from exhibitions around the UK and Europe.

Quadrant2Design pre-build, check and inspect every exhibition stand before installation. Newly freed up space in our existing unit will be dedicated to pre-building and production. In addition to units in Vantage Way, Quadrant2Design also has a storage facility in Wareham for customer graphics. The expansion aligns with the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality modular, re-suable exhibition stands to our growing client base.

Director Andrew Carney said: “This purchase excites me for two very significant reasons. Firstly, this natural expansion reminds us of the company’s physical growth, a tangible representation of our successful business model. Obviously, it makes me feel very happy we’ve grown whilst remaining extremely profitable as a company.”

He continued: “Secondly, this expansion brings a sense of calm and relaxation. We take pride in the execution of our stands, and as our client base has grown exponentially, it was essential not to let the lack of space influence the quality of our products. Now, with sufficient space, we have an organised, calm, and efficient workspace to continue operating to the standards our clients are used to.”

We worked with David Cowling of Vail Williams on the acquisition who stated: “We wish Quadrant2Design every success as they expand their business into the neighbouring unit in Vantage Way. This acquisition demonstrates Bournemouth and Poole’s place as a hub for design and manufacturing and the role these sectors play in the area’s growing economy.”

The whole team at Quadrant2Design look forward to utilising the additional space to enhance the operational capabilities of the company as it continues to provide bespoke, modular and sustainable exhibition solutions to its clients.

This acquisition caps off another successful year for Quadrant2Design. For more details check out our End of Year Review video, in which Operations Director Ross Pike discusses some of Quadrant2Design’s biggest achievements this year, as well as some remarkable statistics surrounding our exhibition stand projects and whats next for 2024.