Why Quadrant2Design is the go-to exhibition stand partner for technology businesses

In the past few years, Quadrant2Design has done a huge amount of work with businesses exhibiting at technology exhibitions.

As the years go on we’ve seen increased numbers of technology businesses approach Quadrant2Design for assistance in their exhibition stand design and build projects. Just this year alone we’ve created stands for BETT, ICE London, Southern Manufacturing & Electronics, Packaging Innovations & Empack, ELEX Show, Space-Comm Expo, Digital Health Rewired and Data Centre World, among many other tech and future-focused exhibitions.

Stands for Technology Exhibitions

Some of the projects we’ve completed for technology-focused businesses in 2024 include…

BETT 2024 – Iplicit | Jamworks | JTRS

BETT 2024 Education Technology Exhibitions - Stands from Quadrant2Design


ICE 2024 – Modulus | Biztech

ICE 2024 Technology Exhibition stands from Quadrant2Design


Data Centre World – HiRef | EkkoSense | E-Tec | Kao Data

DATA CENTRE WORLD 2024 Technology Exhibition stands from Quadrant2Design

These are just some of the technology-focused businesses we’ve worked with so far this year! So why are technology companies so keen to work with Quadrant2Design?

Why choose Quadrant2Design for technology exhibitions

There are many reasons why businesses want to work with Quadrant2Design, but for businesses attending technology exhibitions the key benefits seem to be

  • Rigorous quality control culminating in a 100% pre-build
  • The Prestige Events System‘s 100% graphic display
  • Adaptability and flexibility

Quality Control

Part of ensuring technology works as it should is proper testing and quality control. New technology goes through vigorous testing to ensure it works properly before being released.

This commitment to quality is something that Quadrant2Design also passionately embraces. We keep our entire design and production process in-house, which means that we never lose control of quality assurance. We have rigid quality control processes through every single step, and this culminates in our 100% pre-build guarantee.

Quadrant2Design 100% Pre-Build Guarantee

The pre-build is essentially our ‘Beta Test’, where we build, test and inspect every stand days or weeks before the final installation.

Our customers are invited to attend their pre-build so they can see the quality of their stand for themselves and test out any features (for example ensuring their products fit in the showcases).

Check out our pre-build videos

On the rare occasions when there are issues, this beta testing allows us to rectify them long before the stand is installed at the final event. This is how we can guarantee that stands are perfect long before they’re installed at the exhibition.

100% Graphic Display

Tech businesses often have complex marketing messages based on complex products or services. It’s important that these messages are communicated effectively when exhibiting so that visitors can truly understand the benefits that the company offers.

The Prestige Events System provides a 100% Graphic Display with high-quality graphics panels covering the entire stand. The high-quality, seamless display is not only a representation of the high-quality, seamless products and services that our tech business customers provide, but also allows them to explain their offering in an engaging, eye-catching way.

A popular feature used by technology businesses is our fret-cut backlit icons. This feature allows key details to be highlighted and showcased in a way that instantly draws the eye of stand visitors.

Below are some examples of this feature in use

Fret Cut backlit graphics from Quadrant2Design


Technology businesses by their very nature, evolve rapidly and it’s vital that their partners can keep up! Quadrant2Design is no stranger to evolving and adapting and it’s made us a leader within the exhibition industry.

Our Event Websites are a good example and are at the forefront of the industry’s evolution into hybrid exhibiting. This unique hybrid marketing tool takes exhibitions digital and transforms a 2-3 day event into a 10-week hybrid marketing campaign.

We recently celebrated a milestone for this popular tool, reaching 100 Event Website sales just in time for the 1 year anniversary of its introduction.


This isn’t the first time we’ve led development in the exhibition industry with our enthusiasm for technology. Years ago we adapted the Prestige system to include engraved edge-lit acrylic graphics while, more recently, in 2023 Quadrant2Design introduced our integrated LED video wall feature.

This fantastic digital display feature combines high-definition LED technology with our Prestige Events System to create a spectacular attention-grabbing display.

The Quadrant2Design LED Video Wall

Unique uses for the Quadrant2Design LED Video Wall

Quadrant2Design can also create bespoke features that meet the unique needs of our customers, regardless of what those needs are. We’ve previously created features that include a plinko game, product-specific displays and most recently a custom-made table top for use with programming-controlled robots.

Before BETT 2024, Education Technology business JTRS asked Quadrant2Design for a way to demonstrate their unique programming-controlled sphere robots. In previous years the company had simply demonstrated them on the floor, which is not particularly attention-grabbing and also poses the risk of the robots being trampled.

Quadrant2Design was able to design and manufacture a custom table (below) that not only assisted with the demonstrations but also made them more attention-grabbing and much likely to draw a crowd.


In our recent visit to the Professional Beauty Show we discussed the various ways we were able to assist our customers with demonstrations.

The Phorest Salon Software stand included computer systems integrated directly into the standalone counters. This allowed the company to showcase and demonstrate their software solutions to visitors. Find out more in the video below.

Alongside the unique features that can be included in our stands, the adaptability of the stand system itself is also highly desirable to businesses exhibiting at technology exhibitions.

As a modular system, stands can be reshaped and adapted to stand spaces of any size and shape, while features can be added, removed or adapted according to the needs of the business.

Because technology businesses change and develop so rapidly their needs can vary drastically from one show to another. Quadrant2Design’s unique ability to ‘roll with the punches’ and quickly adapt to these changing demands and offer innovative solutions(even with short leads times), is what keeps technology businesses coming back to us time and time again.

It’s not just technology businesses that want to work with Quadrant2Design. We’ve also just been named recommended exhibition stand supplier for Elevate London health and fitness exhibition!

So, whatever industry your business operates in, if you’re looking for an adaptable exhibition stand partner with rigid quality control and an adaptable stand model, contact Quadrant2Design today on 01202 723 500 or email design@quadrant2design.com for your free, no-obligation design proposal.

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