We sat down with Quadrant2Design Director Andrew Carney to discuss Quadrant2Design’s unique exhibition stand design and build services, and what makes us unique in the exhibition industry. 

Here’s what Andrew had to say –

“Hello, I’m Andrew Carney, a Director of Quadrant2Design since 2003.

Quadrant2Design is a full-service exhibition stand contractor. We design, produce, pre-build, install and dismantle over 500 individual exhibition stand projects every year. Every stand that we create for a customer is custom-designed to that exhibitor’s specific brief, but the beauty of our solution is that it’s reusable, it’s reconfigurable and, above all, it is sustainable.

Because the system and the graphics are reusable and reconfigurable it makes the entire model very cost-efficient!

Quadrant2Design exhibition stands are re-usable, sustainable and re-configurable

With our exhibition stands we have a service which we call “free design for life” and this actually refers to the 3D structural design of a stand. Because our solution is reusable and reconfigurable it means that when customers book spaces at new events, each time those spaces might be in different sizes or configurations to ones that they’ve had previously, so in order to utilize the flexibility of the system and to reuse their printed graphics panels we offer a service whereby we create a 3D design of their stand for future events which is completely free of charge. So for all future events there is never any cost associated with the design and the reuse of a stand to be able to fit into a particular space.

We have two pricing plans and the first, and by far the most popular with our customers, is the free hire plan. “Free” refers to the infrastructure, the hardware, the lighting that’s required to construct a stand. All of those elements are provided completely free of charge to the customer. We charge the customer for the design and the production of their graphics which are, of course, the key element of any stand because their investment, therefore, is in their messaging, their content and their branding. We also charge for installing and dismantling the stand at the customer’s particular event or exhibition.

A very popular part of the free hire plan and very often a bit of a moot point in the exhibition industry is storage. Our storage is completely free between shows as part of the free hire plan. The buy-to-self-build plan is the option whereby customers own their exhibition stand outright and then they will take it to their shows themselves and they will self-manage and self-build their stand at their exhibitions and, of course, we offer free training here at our premises in Poole to teach them how to be able to do that.

So here in our premises, our factory, our design studios in Poole, which are about 12,000 Sq ft in total, more than half of the entire floor space in our building is given over to an area that we call the pre-build zone. Every single stand that we design and produce and install for a customer is pre-built 100% in every detail in our building here very often weeks, sometimes even months, before that stand then goes on-site at the actual venue, at the real show.

Quadrant2Design 100% exhibition stand pre-build guarantee

What that means is, ultimately, I suppose you could describe it as two things. The first thing is it’s the ultimate quality assurance process, the second thing, most importantly of all, it’s total peace of mind for the customer.

The purpose of the pre-build ultimately is about quality assurance, but what it also means is when the customer arrives at the show, very often this will be the day before the first open day of the event, it means that they can arrive in a relaxed and comfortable way and they’re not anxious or worried that there may be issues or problems with their stand because they know it’s been pre-built and tested here beforehand. In fact very often customers, as they did this morning, visit to see their stand in pre-build and actually check it and sign it off at that point in time.

Every customer’s individual exhibition stand project is assigned to a dedicated Project Manager here at Quadrant2Design. That Project Manager takes ownership of the customer’s exhibition stand and really becomes the central hub of communication of all the moving parts of that project, and the Project Manager will plan and coordinate and manage and organize the successful installation, liaising with the customer, liaising with our designers, liaising with third party on-site contractors and so bringing all of those elements together ensures a hassle-free experience for the customer. Our PMs are very amenable people, very professional, and they’re very good at handholding, so all of our customers know that they’re in very safe hands with us and that’s why they keep coming back.

Thanks for taking the time to watch our presentation, if you’ve got any questions or you’d like to see a free design proposal or some design ideas contact any of our friendly team.”

Andrew Carney, Quadrant2Design Director


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