We’ve had a special delivery! This morning the Q2D team added a brand new piece of machinery to our arsenal at our Poole HQ. We’ve invested £100k+ into a hybrid inkjet printer to further improve and develop the production of our photo-floors on our client’s exhibition stand. Here’s how our client’s will see the benefit of this new bit of kit…

Since 2016 we’ve been providing our client’s with a competitive edge by getting rid of ‘boring-flooring’ and introducing photo-flooring as an integral part of our service, at no extra charge! We’ve seen an unprecedented number of clients enjoy the benefits of their photo-flooring and to continue to supply this demand we’ve needed to upgrade and improve our production capability and output.

Our new ‘EFI Pro 16h LED’ inkjet printer will be used exclusively for printing photo-floors for our client and is consider the ‘Rolls Royce’ of commercial printing technology for this type of application.

Our clients will see an improved image quality and the colours will be more consistent within each print run, which is crucial when we’re printing huge areas up to 300+ sq. metres. Our production factory will also reap the benefits as our new printer will print our photo-floors at least six times faster than our current floor printer!

At Quadrant2Design we pride ourselves on our environmentally friendly Prestige Events System; the ‘EFI Pro 16h LED’ inkjet printer boasts “cool cure” LED cure technology, simultaneously increases quality and reduces wastage. Coupled with the inks being ‘greener’ – not in colour! – it is a much more environmentally friendly production method!

We’ll begin using the new machine on Monday – we can’t wait!