Quadrant2Design’s Maggie Clemence, Katie Perry and Lauryn Rowe recently returned from visiting 4 clients at IFE 2024. 

The International Food & Drink event is the UK’s largest and most successful event for product sourcing. Visitors can access a range of sectors, including retail, food service, hospitality, wholesale and import and export.

IFE is a part of Food, Drink and Hospitality Week at ExCel London. Sub-shows include The Pub Show and The Hotel, Restaurant & Catering Show. True to form, IFE 2024 delivered high-quality and effective business connections, new business opportunities, innovative products and the latest trends from industry leaders!

Actiph Water – IFE 2024

Quadrant2Design design and build vibrant stand for Actiph Water at IFE 2024

This year At IFE, Actiph Water showcased their innovative hydration solutions – Actiph Water, Acti+, and Acti-vit!

Quadrant2Design made Actiph Water’s exhibiting experience stress-free! Our experienced Project Managers handled the logistics of the stand, including transport, build, and dismantle, allowing the Actiph Water team to focus on their products and strategies on event day.

Before partnering with Quadrant2Design, Actiph Water found it difficult to effectively display three distinct brands under one stand. Our designers did a fantastic job separating the products by space, colours and lit showcases that seamlessly flow from one brand to the next. Actiph Water was thrilled with the unified result.

Actiph Water – “Before we had very bright, block colours for the stand which separated them a bit too much. Whereas Quadrant2Design separates them by space but they still go together by colour!”

Quadrant2Design invite all their clients to view their stand in pre-build at our headquarters in Poole.

More info on Actiph Water pre-build.

Hotel Suppliers – Hotel Restaurant & Catering 2024

Quadrant2Design design and build luxurious stand for Hotel Suppliers at IFE 2024

The Hotel Restaurant & Catering Show proved to be a crucial event for Hotel Suppliers, an online platform connecting buyers and suppliers worldwide. The show offered ample opportunities for Hotel Suppliers to network and identify relevant suppliers, especially in the food and beverage industry.

Visitors highly complimented the stand, with many praising its luxurious design. Hotel Suppliers consider their stand to be a reflection of their services and premium-standards so they were delighted with the complimentary feedback.

Hotel Suppliers – The stand “screams luxury”. The experience was completely “stress-free.”

3 Aces London – IFE 2024


Quadrant2Design design and build playful stand for 3 Aces London at IFE 2024

Quadrant2Design brought to life the creative vision of 3 Aces London, the leading American wholesaler in the UK.

The 3 Aces team envisioned a playful “candy-shop vibe” for their exhibition stand. Quadrant2Design delivered this vision with walkways connected to lit showcases and endcap showcases that resembled candy shop aisles. Our client particularly enjoyed this immersive shop effect, along with features like backlit graphics which captured the guests’ attention. They plan to reconfigure their stand for Foodex 2025 at the NEC Birmingham!

3 Aces London – “We’ve had a lot of feedback! Everybody is coming here to take pictures of the stand itself! Quadrant has really delivered.”

Jersey Dairy LTD – IFE 2024


Quadrant2Design design and build vibrant stand for Jersey Dairy at IFE 2024.


Situated on the Island of Jersey, Jersey Dairy is a farmer-owned dairy company.

Jersey Dairy enjoyed a successful IFE and were pleased with their vibrant stand. They attended to support their export business in the UK and to explore other opportunities elsewhere in the world. Jersey Dairy stood out from the crowds with vibrant and eye-catching graphics, especially in contrast with the muted colours of their competitors. The stand attracted a diverse range of customers from various markets across the world, helping our client achieve their goals!

Jersey Dairy – “We use this stand every time, and it’s always been a success.”


Food Drink and Hospitality Shows

IFE is just the beginning of a busy exhibition calendar for food, drink and hospitality businesses. The Retail Technology show kicks off on the 24th of April; Quadrant2Design have 7 clients exhibiting. And, on the 29th of April, we will be at the Food & Drink Expo with 6 exhibitors, including reconfigured stands for 3 Aces London and Actiph Water.

If you’re interested in exhibiting with Quadrant2Design, contact our design team at +44 (0)1202 723 500 or email design@quadrant2design.com for a free no-obligation design proposal.