Farmerswife exhibiting at MPS 2019 | Quadrant2Design 2

It’s been a decade of sofas, stools, and tables – and Quadrant2Design are pleased to commemorate 10 years with Concept Furniture!

After many an exhibition, the partnership is as strong as ever and Quadrant2Design are excited to celebrate sticking with their chosen supplier.

Look back to the distant 2009 – the Black Eyed Peas were topping the charts, Slumdog Millionaire had taken the Oscars by storm, and Quadrant2Design had hired their first furnishings from Concept Furniture for client Be a Tiger. The order, which consisted of one aluminium table and two blue stools, was a hit with the client and Quadrant2Design were thoroughly impressed.

This marked the beginning of a fruitful relationship.

Successful Partnership

As exhibition stand designers and builders, it’s always been vital for Quadrant2Design to have a furniture supplier who is efficient, professional, and stylish – and Concept Furniture have continued to tick all the boxes.

Quadrant2Design create modular and sustainable exhibition stands with beautiful seamless graphics, and have always been able to rely on Concept Furniture to supply products of the same high quality.     

10 years, 170 shows, and a LOT of leather chairs later the two companies maintain their strong partnership. Most recently, Q2D client Farmerswife wowed the crowds at BVE 2019 with a Prestige stand and two tables from Concept.

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