Quadrant2Design: Policy and Procedure

It’s story-time again and Alan Jenkins is justifying Quadrant2Design’s meticulous attention to detail.

“We don’t do this for fun, or to annoy the client. We have all these checklists for a reason – and they usually end up with a very happy customer.”

I’m inclined to agree. It’s better to spend time building the safety net than face the risk of falling without one.

Alan provides some anecdotal evidence that explains why Quadrant2Design’s policy and procedure works so well.

“Back in 2010, we had a stand to be installed at Aviation Week Europe, a show being held in Excel, London. Upon turning up, however, our installation team found itself face-to-face with a potential catastrophe: somebody else was in our stand space!”

In a symmetrical exhibition hall, a Turkish company had gone to the wrong side of the room and inadvertently taken Quadrant2Design’s space – they had almost finished building their custom-stand on it, too.

With a full exhibition stand in tow, the installers tried to reason with the Turkish stand-builders. They realised their mistake but didn’t want to move, so they offered their newly-vacated space as a straight swap with Quadrant2Design’s client. He, understandably, didn’t want this.

Fortunately all Quadrant2Design stands come with a ‘project folder’, compiled by each client’s project manager. This folder contains all the necessary and helpful information you’re likely to need. A quick rifle through it and the installation team called the show organisers, explaining the situation. They produced the necessary documents to prove that the stand space was theirs and were thus able to request that the Turkish stand vacate it. The installation team were soon able to construct their client’s stand, with almost no delay.

This could have been a very stressful episode. Without the project folder it would have been very difficult to sort out the problem so quickly; it certainly would have been more stressful to the client, who wasn’t on-site at the time.

Alan continues. “In business, you’ll find things rarely go to plan. It’s like any part of life – things will go wrong. The show must go on, and we prepare for every mishap along the way!”

I spoke to Paul Chamberlain, studio director at Quadrant2Design. He told me everything that is done by the company is “policy and procedure – everyone is treated the same, even if it makes us busier!”

It’s engraved in the business – this desire to make things right. If it didn’t pay dividends I’d be more cautious. But the most important statistic in Quadrant2Design’s history is that they have never failed to deliver and a build on time for a client (in fourteen years). If that isn’t worth all the hard work, then nothing is.

For enquiries about the Prestige System; email: designteam@quadrant2design.com or call: 01202 650 333