Prestige versus ‘Visible’ Metal Stands


Prestige stands feature panoramic graphics, with no visible metal


Same stand, but with visible metal poles & beamsseen on our competitors stands

Prestige Stands
battle it out against

Old Fashioned Aluminium Stands

There is no doubt that a big factor in the success of the Prestige System is that
people just like the look of exhibition stands designed and built with the system!

And the reason people like the look of Prestige stands, is that compared to other solutions;
like exhibition stands made out of old fashioned aluminium extrusion,
Prestige stands show NO VISIBLE METAL!

This means the graphics have no metal poles or beams that
interupt the graphics and get in the way of branding, text, logos
or the stands overall message.

So Prestige exhibition stands benefit from panoramic seamless-effect
graphics with integrated showcases, plasma screens, computer
workstations and producy display.

To compare Prestige Stands with old fashioned metal stands
please see:Prestige stands versus old fashioned metal stands