Prestige – the in v s bl system: a conversation with Andrew Carney, Sales Director at Quadrant2Design

This interview has been going on for about ten minutes now, and Andrew Carney is quite excited. “It’s difficult to tell when an exhibition stand has been built using Prestige,” he says, “because the system is completely invisible.”

Huh? My eyes seem to say. This is my first introduction to exhibition stands. This all means nothing to me. I need a bit more to go on than this. Give me something to go on!

Andrew sees my look of confusion, so he continues.

“Prestige is a superior modular build that uses magnetic clips, built-in showcase space and panoramic images to completely hide the aluminium framework which is used to construct stands. This means you cannot see any feet, any metal, any clips or any wires; the only thing visible is your brand, your products, and your representatives.”

Why is this so impressive, I think? Or, why does it even matter? Surely a couple of metal poles can’t make that much of a difference. I look around. I’m sitting in Quadrant2Design’s in-house showroom and am surrounded by colour, perfect images and absolutely no metal. Something clicks.

So Prestige is dedicated to its user getting 100% of their exhibition seen with 0% of the system interrupting that exhibit. That means it is facilitating the absolute best exhibit possible.

And? Therefore, I only need to worry about creating my brand, text and images that that fit within my stand space, not within the individual frameworks that make up that space. I think I’m onto something, but wait for Andrew’s response.

“Yes, you’re exactly right, Harvey. It’s about facilitating the best stand your brand can create.” I grin. A bit too widely.

“Let’s play with an example. Say your brand is about swimming equipment and pool technology, and your main image is a swimmer mid-stroke. Now, if you were using a generic modular system that was 3m high by 3m wide, the system’s limitations would restrict you to three individual frames, each 1m wide. So you can’t have one ‘whole’ image.

This is bad. Because now you have to think. You shouldn’t have to worry, but you’re forced to come up with other options. And you come up with two.

The first is potentially disastrous to your branding. You can keep the swimmer and split it across those three frames, and take the risk of having your main image look like it was taken by an amateur standing behind some scaffolding. And that’s just going to look naff.”

I agree.

“The second option is to play it safe, ditch the big swimmer entirely, and just have three images that fit inside the frames, perhaps with three swimmers standing up, one in each frame.”

I’m beginning to get it. Neither of these is ideal, and neither will have much of an effect on passers-by. This is where Prestige’s invisibility comes to the fore.

Andrew’s hitting his stride (he’s gotta be 6”3, so it’s a big stride).

“Now, if we apply the same situation with Prestige, in the same space, we have a completely different situation. Prestige’s panoramic imagery means that you could easily, easily, have your swimmer stretching across that entire space, 3m high and 3m wide, without a single thing getting in the way of it. Imagine that in an exhibition hall, and suddenly the invisibility of Prestige is having a significant effect on the visibility of yourbrand.”

He’s got me.

And I guess, in the throngs of a busy exhibition hall this is a big advantage? Because the whole point of the stand is to be seen. And the best way to be seen is with a striking image. And the best way to get a striking image is with Prestige!!

We laugh at the simplicity of it all, but Andrew has to stop me.

“Not exactly. There are obviously other solutions, like the custom-build. You’re new to this industry, so let me explain. A custom-build exhibition is large, impressive and dominates spaces. However, almost every custom-build stand can be used only once. The day your show ends, so does your stand’s use. So, you can use a custom-build stand, but only on the understanding that you’ll need a different one every time you want to exhibit.”

I nod. That must be pretty expensive.

“It’s very expensive, Harvey. And the main risk is that the money you spend on the fantastic stand will not be repaid by the people who visit it, and you won’t see a return on it for, potentially, a very long time. So a lot of the big boys will have custom stands, but a lot of other businesses can’t afford that risk, and that’s where we come in.

“Because Prestige is a modular system, it means that it can be completely reconfigured for future use. You could easily use the same equipment and graphics for a number of different shows, maybe over many years.”

So the more you use the stand, the cheaper it becomes?

“Pretty much. You begin to subsidise your costs every time you reuse the equipment or graphics. If you’re exhibiting three times a year, it becomes a very cost-effective way of doing things.”

So it’s kind of like the most professional modular system, but the cheapest custom-build system, all in one?

“Yep. Add to that the fact that we’re the only people who do this system in the UK and you can start to see how we’ve made a very nice, but very significant, niche for ourselves.”

I nod.

“So, what do you think?”

I told him, and was hired a week later.


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