Prestige Hits the Big Apple

Due to its lightweight, but strong, aluminium pop-up frame structure, the system expands to its full size in minutes, forming panoramic graphic displays complete with showcases, product displays and digital ‘flat-screen’ presentations self-built by its users. The stand can be constructed without any specialist tools or knowledge, minimising the costs and stresses of exhibiting.

The Prestige System worked perfectly for CASDON Toys as it can be transported around with ease by using compact Gemini cases, allowing the exhibitor to lower transportation and storage costs in-between exhibition and conference events in the UK or abroad.

CASDON Toys were delighted with the stand and said “It was a great fair and the reaction to the stand was great too.”

The stand was purchased and self-built, which goes to show just how easy it is to assemble the Prestige System. We give in house training with our stands to show our clients just how to mantle and dismantle the system, allowing them to take the stand away feeling assured and secure that each aspect of their investment works correctly and with knowledge of exactly how the frame itself works.

If you would like to find out more about the Prestige System and see what we could do for you, we provide free design proposals with no obligation! Find out more on our Free Design page.