No other modular exhibition system comes close to Prestige, which is why we only work with this solution.

Prestige stands meet our modern-day concerns. Exhibits are reusable and sustainable. They’re easy to setup, safe in operation and clean-process to build.

Modular and Reusable

Prestige is a premier stand building system. It’s NOT a cheap banner system, flexi-wall stand, or poor quality ‘twist ‘n’ lock’ display.

Prestige is used to create custom-designed exhibits, that are also modular and reusable.

Prestige modular exhibition stand for Value Chain.

Sustainable 'Repeat' Exhibiting

Prestige is a real-world, sustainable, exhibiting solution, for serious SME and Corporate exhibitors.

Because stands are modular, they are reusable. And because they are reusable, they are sustainable.

We’re very good at facilitating this sustainable approach. We store your designs in our library. When you come back to us, we retrieve your designs, and reconfigure your materials for the new space.

Cost Considerations

The great news, is that running your events using the Prestige, will likely save you a great deal of money.

And the more exhibiting you do, the more money you save!

Unlike old-fashioned ‘build’n’burn’ exhibition stands, you can harness the modular and reusable characteristics of Prestige, to reduce your exhibiting costs.

The 100% Graphic Look

Nothing quite looks like a Prestige stand.

Stands are completely covered in a panoramic graphic landscape, with no ‘stand structure’ visible.

We call this the 100% Graphic Look and it’s quite unlike other exhibition stand solutions

Essentially, Prestige represents a blank canvas for a graphic designer, with anything possible.

Beautiful modular exhibition stand for Potters.