This week, Maggie Clemence put our pre-build systems to the test with a prank in pre-build! 

At Quadrant2Design we pre-build every single stand before every exhibition. This is our ultimate quality control measure, to ensure every stand is perfect before event day. 

Importance of Pre-Build

  1. On the very rare occasion that issues arise, building the stand weeks or months in advance allows ample time for resolution.
  2. We don’t believe in arriving at the event; simply hoping for the best. You could end up with a disaster on the day and exhibition stand parts missing. 
  3. pre-build gives clients the chance to come and visit their stands ahead of the event, to see where products will go, and to test stand features.


The Importance of Pre-Build

Pre-Build Systems 

  • Before the building of the stand, dividing barriers are placed to separate the building space.
  • Next, the pre-build team fully builds the stand within the assigned space. 
  • Once fully built, Project Managers quality-check the stand. 
  • Once quality-checked, what is within the barriers, must stay within the barriers. 
  • The stand is then carefully packed into boxes within the assigned space and is escorted to its new dedicated bay in “the cage”. This move is under close supervision of the Project Manager. 
  • The space is securely locked once the move is complete, and no items can be removed. 
  • The Project Manager will then sign off on the stand to certify that they have supervised the entire process. 
  • The same rules apply during transport to the exhibition. Everything within the cage must be transported to the exhibition, with no exceptions.
  • The mantra is “what goes in the walls, stays in the walls, and goes to the exhibition!” 

Prank in Pre-Build

Maggie Clemence put these pre-build systems to the test with a prank in pre-build. Maggie placed our Quadrant2Design mascot teddy Wilhelm into Actiph Water’s pre-build area to see if he would be taken to IFE

Though Wilhelm caused some perplexed-looking installers, the systems did work, and the dog was taken to IFE at ExCel London!

Luckily we have the same rules with items coming back from pre-build, what goes to the show must come back from the show, so Wilhelm returned safe and sound!