Post Show Support

Every client is assigned their own project manager whose job it is to deal with any obstacles the company may face and they are always at the end of the phone to ensure that everything runs smoothly from the moment the project goes live, right up until after the exhibition has ended.

Each client is contacted by their project manager after the show to see how everything went and to make sure that the show has been a success for them. We also ask our customers to provide us with their honest feedback, so that we can continuously improve the service that we offer and make sure that everyone has the best possible experience with Quadrant2Design.

We offer to store any graphics for one year after an event so our customers don’t need to worry about how to get them home, or where to store them. This means that they can simply focus on following up all of the leads they gained at the show! If a customer chooses to use our amazing Free-Hire option, each time they want to use their stand, the only cost incurred is the installation fee. With each use, we also start the free storage all over again, so it never has to be a concern!

Additionally, when it comes to planning the next show, a Prestige exhibition stand can easily be reconfigured to fit a variety of floor spaces, giving the flexibility needed to attend a range of shows.

Finally, all of our Prestige Exhibition Systems come with a lifetime guarantee on key system components so every stand is a genuine, worthwhile investment, which will help any company to stand out for years to come.

For more information about the Prestige Exhibition System, contact the Design Team at