Portable Exhibition Stands

Easily transported and mobile exhibition stands and displays, lightweight, conveyable,
safely and easily self-built without tools

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Mobile Exhibiting made easy

We design and supply exhibition stands in our own exclusive portable and modular solution called the Prestige Events System.

Prestige has a long design-pedigree, having been first invented by Swiss entrepeneur Peter Petersen in the late 1970’s.

Since those times, Quadrant2Design has further developed Prestige, into the world’s premier portable and modular exhibiting system.

The Prestige Events System is exclusive to Quadrant2Design.

‘Behind the scenes’ Prestige stands comprise of super-strong, yet lightweight expandable frames upon which flexible, seamless-effect magnetic graphics are fitted.

The solution is further enhanced with lovely product display showcases, backlit graphics, engraved branding features, and interactive digital presentations.

The result is that Prestige is remarkably light and compact to transport, very safe to build, and capable of creating beautiful portable exhibition stands.

Complementary characteristics such as scalability, modularity and portability make Prestige stands an environmentally responsible choice for the modern exhibitor.

Benefits of a Portable Exhibiting Solution

Many portable exhibiting systems are limited in scope; only able to build easily-carried, small and simple stands.

In contrast, our Prestige solution is able to build complex and larger stands, that compete with custom-designed creations, yet are compact and carriageable.

The portability of the Prestige exhibition stands, ties in with its modular and reusable characteristics, making it convenient for exhibitors to self-manage and self-build.

  • Behind the scenes… Prestige stands comprise of strong, stable, movable aluminium frameworks, supporting seamless-effect magnetic graphic panels.
  • When packed for transport, Prestige stands are very compact, enabling the use of smaller, less polluting vehicles.
  • Stands are built from lightweight elements that are easy to move and place, making Prestige a very safe exhibiting system to build with.
  • As well as being portable, Prestige stands are modular and reusable in different stand space at different events.
  • The portable, modular, scalable and reusable character of Prestige makes it the world’s most sustainable repeat-exhibiting solution.

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