Pop-up Shop Stands

As more retail shops close, pop up shops are becoming ever more popular; utilising the flexibility pop-up stands have to offer.

Retail Shops Continue to Close

In 2012 alone, well-known UK chains such as Game, Jane Norman, and Comet all went into administration, and in the first few weeks of 2013 global giants like Jessops and HMV suffered too. Before the recession, 1 in 20 UK High Street shops were empty- compared to 1 in 6 today. New estimates reveal that an average of 28 shops in Britain close down every day.

In fact, a report on May 20th, 2013, concluded that the percentage of empty shop premises rose to 11.9% in April, compared to 10.9% in January.

With a plethora of empty shops waiting to be filled, and few companies having sufficient funding to sign long contracts, we’re all left wondering what can be done. Pop up retail is one solution to turn around this situation.

Pop-Up Shops Beginning to Pop up

The idea behind pop up retail was loosely structured around the Japanese consumer culture and the hype surrounding limited edition and rare products. The first recorded pop up shop was opened in Los Angeles in 1999 by a company called GoVacant. The idea of this was that once the stock sold out, the shops would close down and move to a new location. GoVacant opened their second pop up shop in 2003 after creating such an impact with the media. With Dr Martens as an official sponsor, soon other big brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton followed suit. GoVacant is still at the forefront of defining and shaping the pop-up shop ideology. And they are now promoting big brands like BMW and creating new pop-up concepts.

Pop-up shops have become such an accessible commodity as leases for the empty shop units are generally shorter and cheaper. Therefore it is making it easier for smaller businesses to have the chance to trade. As well as all this, there’s a great ‘buzz’ associated with pop up shops and their transient nature. They are attracting large audiences and high returns on investment!

The Rise of Expanding Pop-ups!

There’s a lot of social stigma surrounding pop up retail in the UK however, a lot of it comes down to ‘tacky’ Christmas and seasonal shops which are seen to ‘clog up the High Street’. Nonetheless, global companies are helping to turn that around. On November 30th, 2012, online auction giant eBay set up a pop-up shop in London’s Covent Garden helping shoppers by displaying up-to-date social media trends on what to buy this Christmas. Following on from this, let’s not forget that some of the largest pop-up shops London has ever seen were erected just for the 2012 Olympics!

And so to help fill these empty premises, rules and regulations for temporary traders in the UK have been relaxed by the Government. ‘PopUp Britain’ was also created by national campaign group ‘StartUp Britain’. Ergo, giving budding British brands the opportunity go from marketing their products online to the British High Street. They allowed 6 vendors to showcase their goods for a fortnight at a cost of £150. It seems everyone is now being given the chance to help shape the pop up retail boom.

Pop-Up Shop Design Ideas for Retail

Above are just some of the examples of some great pop-up shop concepts we’ve created in the past – a great way of showing how an empty shop space can be easily transformed. In fact, more and more people are slowly realising that they can increase their revenue with a popup shop display, but there are still a lot more that could expand their business by using this unique approach to retailing.

So how easy are pop up shops to assemble? It all depends on the final look you’re looking to achieve. Some can be as simple as shelving units and simple displays, while others can be extravagant, large, eye-catching structures. You get the best of both worlds, however, if you use a pop-up system like the Prestige System. Based on lightweight expanding frame technology, it assembles with ease in hours – ideal for short term, temporary shops. For product display, integrated illuminated showcases are perfect and come in a range of solutions (like hanging rails, slat rails and shelving). And seeing as Prestige graphics are floor-to-ceiling and uninterrupted, shops can be designed with big photographic imagery, logos and copy – perfect for creating a strong branding presence and transforming any empty space into a bustling, shop environment.

Using Prestige for your Pop-Up Retail Shop

The whole concept of the pop-up shop phenomenon is to get ‘in and out’ quickly – with maximum impact – with maximum branding – and at a realistic cost. We believe that in our Prestige System, we have the perfect pop-up shop and flash retailing system.

Prestige allows for the rapid installation of panoramic graphics and branding into any retail space. So untidy damaged shop walling can be quickly covered with stunning lifestyle graphics – saving the cost of redecorating and refurbishment. Because the system is so easy to install, labour costs are reduced on both the initial build and later dismantled.

Unique to the system, is its capability of combining lifestyle graphics and branding with stunning product display and audiovisual (plasma screens, TFT screens and similar). Likewise, it’s easy to combine computer demo-stations into the graphics.

However, the best news for Agencies, Retailers or Brands contemplating a pop-up shop project is the cost benefits of using the Prestige System. On selected projects, we can offer the Prestige System on Free-Hire or at least on a special low-cost hire base (dependent on the length of hire).

Free Stand Design Proposal

It’s essential to visit plenty of pop up shops before you design yours to get a feel for customer behaviour, spacing and design. Think about what you’re looking to achieve on the onset, whether it be creating brand awareness, promoting a new product or eliminating excess stock – each of these will require a slightly different marketing and design strategy. But don’t fret if you’re worried about layout – in house Prestige CAD Designers will always be able to give suggestions on how to get most out of your space and design.


Popup retail is helping to shape the way businesses can market their products, and with so many opportunities becoming available, it seems like now is the time for both small and large enterprises to get involved.

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