Photo Graphic Flooring

Stunning Photo-Flooring that wins you more visitor attention

You exhibit to attract and meet new people, and to gain new business by doing so.

But of course, by the very nature of any trade show, you will have your competitors around you, who are naturally seeking the same result – to get noticed!

And what better way to get noticed, then to utilise the otherwise wasted floor of your exhibition stand, by extending your graphic display into this space.

It’s very unlikely that your competitors will have a Photo-Floor, since we are the only exhibition stand design and build company who offer this design feature as an integral part of our service!

Photo Graphic Flooring 1

Extending your graphics into the otherwise wasted floor space

With our photo-floor graphics, we are making use of this otherwise wasted space, and seeking to provide you with a competitive advantage.

When we create your free design proposal, our exhibition designers will complement and reflect your graphic design and marketing message, from the exhibition stand walls, into the floor space.

In fact, all of our initial designs include a Photo-Floor option.

The effect can often be absolutely stunning and really helps in getting your stand noticed, especially in busy shows.

Can you imagine the contrast between your Photo-Floor and your competitors ‘boring-flooring’!

We print and finish your Photo-Flooring in-house

Like all of our graphic design and graphics production, we take the view that we must have these services in-house.

This is so that we keep control of quality and schedules. We do not ‘sub-contract’ any aspect of your exhibition stand to third-parties.

We have major investments in high-resolution, large-format, direct to substrate printers and cutting equipment.

Due to demand, we use two printers; an HP Scitex FB750 printer and an EFI Pro 16h. Photo-Floors are precisely cut using a large-format Zund cutter.


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