Designing the perfect exhibition stand

In 2012, I was asked to produce a design for the House of Williams. They are a family-run jewellers, specialising in wedding jewellery and priding themselves on their traditional methods. They didn’t provide a brief, other than the need to showcase at least 150 weddings rings, and so I was left to come up with a creative design myself.

How did you come up with a design concept?

I wanted to focus on the ‘traditional’ look, but with a modern twist – quite similar to the look of their website. To start, I placed the company logo on the Counterfix and High-level branding and used the dark green from their website as a background. I wanted the dark green to be a focal colour, as it has connotations of wealth and luxury – ideal for a jewellery company.

Exhibition stand design by Carolina -“How I design the perfect exhibition stand!”

After seeing separate sections on the website for different rings, I mimicked this and created separate showcases on the stand labelled  ’For Her, For him, Eternity and Personalised Rings’ . Our showcases were perfect to display the required 150 rings, with both types of shelving (the flat and the sloped one) looking perfect. (N.B Since this design, we’ve developed new hinged doors and lockable sliding showcases, which would also now be a brilliant option, particularly for valuable products like jewellery or electronics – see image on the right)

I created abstract wall art, using images from their brochure and distorting and enlarging them, finally fading the colour to a light shade of green to tie in with their logo. In my opinion, the effect works harmoniously with the sophisticated look of the stand. The background of the showcases I faded to a tea colour, to continue the vintage look across the stand (I like to think it looked like old love letters!)

The purpose of the abstract red flower was to bring attention to the stand. As well as the colour reflecting love and passion, I think it creates a strong visual contrast, as well a modern addition to the rest of the traditional stand.

And of course, it was important to include a picture of a happy couple on the stand, as people are more like to buy a product when they can see themselves in itIt helps make the connection between product and client more coherent, and by placing the picture in a vintage frame it was almost as if the stand was shouting ‘hey – this could be you!’

All in all, I was extremely happy with the final design! It looks sophisticated and visually appealing and helps communicate a sense of tradition with a modern twist.


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