Why does this matter?

Choosing the wrong exhibition company, can have devastating consequences.

Disappointing quality. Shambolic installations. And in the worst circumstances, no stand at all (it happens).

Our Business Model

Our service is based around three strong principles.

Design Excellence: We create highly visual exhibition stands, with curved or flat walling, beautifully integrated showcases, and engaging digital presentations.

Reliability: Over 23-years we’ve created a bullet-proof design, print, manufacturing and installation process, that’s the best in the industry.

Reusability and Sustainability: Reusability is built into every aspect of our service. And because your stand is so reusable, you’ll be exhibiting in a genuinely sustainable way.

Our Background

Our business was formed in November 1999 by Alan Jenkins and Elizabeth Jenkins.

Alan’s background was in the photographic industry, exhibition graphics and exhibition stand design. Liz had worked in the photo industry and retail banking.

Before long, Andrew Carney joined the fledgling company. His background included working as a professional musician, and running a logistics company.

In the early years, we took a generalist approach, working on a diverse range of exhibition and display projects.

In 2011, post-financial crisis, Alan, Liz and Andrew, decided to become more specialist, focussing on their best solution, The Prestige Events System.

Nowadays, at Quadrant2Design we only work with the Prestige Events System.

The solution is exclusive to us, and all of our stands are designed and built using the system.

Who We Are Now

Quadrant2Design is the trading name of Exhibit-UK.Net Limited. Our company registration is 3993526.

We employ 47 people and operate over three owned factories in Poole, Dorset.

Most years, we design and build around 600 modular exhibition stands, mostly in the United Kingdom and Europe.

We are financially extremely sound, and we positively welcome credit checking (you should credit check anyone you’re considering).

All services are in-house, under our control, including CAD and graphic design, stand manufacture, printing, pre-build and installations.

Because we work with one solution (the best available) we bring tremendous focus to the design, production and installation of your exhibition stand.

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See your stand in every detail... before the Show

We are the only exhibition company who pre-build all of their stands.

This has enormous benefits for you, the customer.

You see your exhibition stand – 100% complete – weeks or days before your show.

And it gives us the opportunity to quality check every detail, ensuring you get a perfect result.

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