As a Show Organiser, when you recommend an exhibition stand contractor, you’re putting yourself on the line.

So you need total confidence before putting a design & build company in touch with your valued exhibitor.

We’re Quadrant2Design (Exhibit-UK.Net Ltd) and we design and install around 600 stands every year – built in our exclusive Prestige Events System.

And we have an unrivalled reputation for 1st-class results, as evidenced by a 5* Trustpilot rating and our 1000 real-client-reviews.

What's Special?

We design and build within a strict quality-control methodology, with quality sign-offs along the way.

This culminates in a 100% pre-build of the clients exhibition stand, within our premises, week before the build-up at your show.

This pre-build is vital. It allows us to identify any issues and deal with them in good time. Essential to keeping your exhibitor super-happy!

Onsite – at your show – our builds are clean, quick, safe, smooth and trouble free.

Our pre-build zone

Yes, we pre-build every single exhibition stand we create. No exceptions. Every time.

This pre-build takes place within our factory in Poole, weeks before the ‘real-build’ at your show.

This has an enormous impact on quality and customer satisfaction. And we rarely have issues on site, because we’ve dealt with them before we the build-up.

Pre-build is extremely important to you as an Organiser. It gives you the confidence that your exhibitor will have a quality exhibition stand and a trouble-free experience.

Designs your exhibitors want

Our solution is custom-modular. Your exhibitors stand will look custom designed, but will benefit from being modular and reusable in different space.

This saves them money and allows for more flexible exhibiting (saving money for more exhibiting).

Our ‘sweet-spot’ is 9sq.Metres up to 100sq.Metres, and we build within shell-scheme space, or space-only sites.

All of our stand designs come with an optional printed Photo-Floor (which your exhibitors love!)

Please see our Photo-Gallery for more examples.

Talented exhibition stand design contractors Poole, United Kingdom

We're here to stay

The last thing you want to do, is recommend a dodgy contractor.

Unlike His Majesty’s Government we have no debt! We own the three factories we work from and we always carry substantial cash reserves.

We run a tight ship and this is evidenced by our 96/100 Experien Rating.

In fact, independent analysts, the Plimsol Group say we’re among the most profitable exhibition contractors in the United Kingdom.

Please do check us out. Our company name is Exhibit-UK.Net Ltd (company registration:3993526)

Interior shot of Quadrant2Design office with 3 people around meeting table, viewing modular designs