Organisers: Exhibition Stands that Benefit Your Show

Halve your build-up times | Eliminate Health & Safety Risk | Enhance Your Environmental Credentials

You probably already know us, especially if you’re on the operational side of the exhibition industry, working for a show organiser.

We’re the people in the orange shirts building beautiful exhibition stands with panoramic graphics that delight your exhibitors.

The people who build all their stands in under one day, without any rubbish, dust, fumes or health and safety risk.

And the people whose project managers and fitters work with your operations team, to ensure our mutual clients – the exhibitors – have a great experience.

Quicker Builds | Safer Builds | Cleaner Builds

We design and build exhibition stands in the Prestige Events System; a solution that is exclusive to us at Quadrant2Design.

Our clients stands are very quick to install and we’ll routinely build ten to fifteen stands in under one day at your show and others.

Stands are built safely without tools and are ‘clean-process’.

No paint, dust, fumes or rubbish cluttering the aisles help to make our installations the safest and most civilised builds in your exhibition hall.

Our retained health and safety consultant is industry-expert Lee Holloway. We are fully CDM compliant and we maintain full CHAS accreditation.

Enhance your Environmental Reputation

With growing concern about climate change and the effect of commercial activity on our planet, can you as Organisers condone the shocking waste of old-fashioned build ‘n’ burn exhibition stands?

Do you really want to recommend contractors who build stands that are trashed after one use?

Our exhibition stands are environmentally sound; they are designed to be re-used again and again, and not to end up in landfill after one use.

And the majority of our stands are supplied on our unique Free2hire™ basis, which promotes the most efficient use of stand resources.

Our builds use less labour, smaller vehicles and are ‘clean-process’ with no polluting solvents, paints, fumes or dust generated.

Expert Project Management that Saves You Time

In the run-up to your show we realise your Operations Team are very busy!

And you’re probably dealing with hundreds of enquiries from inexperienced exhibitors and inefficient contractors and other suppliers.

When Quadrant2Design are managing, designing and installing your exhibitors exhibition stands we can save you a lot of time and stress.

This is because we manage stand projects within a rigorous quality control and production methodology that is frankly without equal on our side of the industry.

Many of you will have already worked with our Project Managers and will understand the difference between us and your ‘average’ contractor.

Why are Your Exhibitors so Happy with Us?

  • Prestige stands look fantastic and are beautifully fit for purpose, which is why so much of our business is ‘repeat-business’ from customers returning to us.
  • Because we make their life easier and less stressful due to the efficient project management of their exhibition stand projects.
  • We show them, and enable them, to save time and money by reconfiguring and reusing their exhibition stands to fit different stand space.
  • We allow them to adopt a more sustainable approach to their exhibiting, more in line with their environmental concerns.
  • With our 100% pre-build promise we help exhibitors relax in the run-up to the show, by pre-building their exhibition stand in every detail, weeks before the ‘real-build’ ensuring a trouble-free, smooth installation.


We’re open to partnerships

If you would like to explore the possibility of ‘preferred supplier’ status or similar arrangements, or you would like us to help a particular exhibitor, please call Director, Andrew Carney on +44 (0)1202 723 500 or email